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As another week passes us by, the online community has been busy sharing great photographs, tutorials and blog posts.  Toad Hollow Photography has spent the week busy searching for the very best of these pieces, and has compiled this list.  The Toad hopes you enjoy checking out these fabulous images as much as he did in bringing this list to you.

Trey by Jordan Chan, on Flickr

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AskJoeB: Cherries In The Backyard – I am a human sponge when it comes to articles that discuss lighting and composition, and Joe Baraban’s articles always help me advance my skills.  This post from Joe talks about a specific composition, and he shares some insights into how the picture supplied might have found improvements through finer points.

My IR Photography Post Processing Workflow – Scott Wood delivers one of his great video tutorials here, this time discussing how he goes about his post-processing with IR imagery.  Scott’s work in this field is without peer and this tutorial is sure to be highly informative for everyone, whether you practice IR or not.

Post Processing Tips & Tutorials for Landscape Photography – leading landscape photographer Jason Hines takes us behind the scenes to see how he post-processes his stunning imagery.  This tutorial is sure to give some insight to everyone as Jason’s tutorials deliver tips that apply to all genres of photography.


Lens review: Voigtländer 40mm f2.0 – an in-depth and detailed review of this prime lens is presented on Chris Wray’s new photography blog site.  Chris takes us on a technical exploration of this finely crafted lens, a prime that is extremely dynamic with many varied applications.

Canon’s entry into the mirrorless world – as Canon makes its entry into this technology, Tristan Jud gives us a fairly comprehensive review of the new camera.  Whether you’re contemplating moving to this platform or not, this is most definitely a well written and informative article.


The Honey-Do Whistle has been blown! – no matter what your personal taste in imagery may be, this blog post from Mike Criswell is absolutely guaranteed to make you smile.  Mike’s incredible style of image creation really comes to life in this epic series of images, all centered around his recent nuptials.

A Return To The Lonely Shack – this scene almost paints itself as a representation of something magical.  A crooked shack in a field poses the perfect subject for Jim Denham to capture and process in this post.  Great textures and details in the very old house are all brought to life, making for a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Capital Lakefair – Olympia Washington – I am seriously starting to believe that Scott Wood lives on a whole other planet that was made specifically for him to photograph.  This set of images taken of a fair in progress are so full of rich colors and tones and intricate details, taking your eyes off of them remains one of the biggest challenges here today!

The dress and the ruins – our very own @astaroth here on Light Stalking takes us along as he does a comprehensive model shoot at the ruins of an old abandoned house and in a park nearby.  These fabulous images of the model with various poses and backdrops really shows off his incredible skills in this genre, making for a post that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

Holy Austin House – when it comes to old, historical house interiors I just love a little gentle distortion a wide-angle lens introduces with the promise of getting to see the entire scene as the photographer wanted you to see it.  This image is of a kitchen inside a restored and well maintained piece of history, one of the oldest houses in England.  Bob Lussier takes us directly into the heart of this wonderful historic site.

Expectations – this is a truly great post from Tom Dinning (@tomdinning) here at Light Stalking that shares a very emotional set of thoughts that are accented by a dramatic image.  Tom’s use of black-and-white adds so much to the picture, and when coupled with his prolific writing we get a chance to see deep inside ourselves.

Upper Yosemite Falls – what a breathtaking photograph.  Jason Hines captures an epic shot of this world famous site, with a majestic waterfall draping the rock wall and a mystical fog floating near the top.  You can almost hear the mighty roar of the falls.

Ross Bay Poppy Way – a lovely post from local photographer Ehpem is accented with a great series of photographs of the local flowers.  He uses his fast lens at a wide aperture to capture a very narrow depth of focus with this series, creating a post that is both profound and gorgeous at the same time.

Up the Creek – as the sun crests and filters through the trees by the side of the inlet, a few boats lie tied up and waiting to welcome the new day.  The incredible natural light that drapes this scene simply defies description, making this one of our must-see shots from this week’s list.  This beautiful capture is brought to us by Jimi Jones.

Beach Reflections – a wonderful and refreshing approach to image creation is taken and shared here by Eva Trust.  By photographing her subjects reflection in the oceans waters, she creates a series of ethereal and almost abstract images that share a totally unique view of her expression.  She does a great job in describing her style and vision on the front page of her site, check it out for yourself.

Swan Lake – reality blends with magic in this wonderful photograph of a swan in still waters.  The beautiful birds reflection creates a mirror to reflect itself back to the viewer, creating a gorgeous picture that is sure to be enjoyed by all from the studio of Vassilis Tangoulis.

Top Of The Waterfall – Aaron Barlow takes us along as he explores the great outdoors.  This photo taken from atop a waterfall gives the viewer an expansive vista of the valley and the lakes below, complete with exquisite features and details.

The Door Up There – a poignant and fascinating image is presented in this post from Jim Denham.  The way that Jim combines this really captivating image of a door suspended way up high on an outer wall with his philosophical outlook makes for a must-visit post.

Drama in the Clouds – this is a really epic black-and-white image of a lighthouse protruding from the shoreline with an amazing storm brewing just behind it.  CJ Schmit delivers one of his trademark monochromatic scenes in this picture that really exemplifies the expression “drama in photography”.

Theme: “Texture” Crunch Berry Razor Blades – a fabulous macro series is captured and shared in this great post from Howard.  This set takes us along as Howard explores his environs with great close-ups of all sorts of subjects.  The results are a wonderful study of textures, well worth the time for a visit and view.

Squirrel Gets A Drink – squirrels are awesome photography subjects; they are furry, they are cute, they are unpredictable and they are full of character.  Steve Creek shares a small set of shots taken of a squirrel drinking from a birdbath that really brings this concept to life for everyone to enjoy.

Landing gear down! – a puffin makes its approach at a very busy airport for birds, using its fully extended wings to lower the stall speed and reduce the chance of an abrupt landing.  Fabs Forns shares this wonderful shot here, a picture that is really well worth the time to visit for yourself.

Calgary Electrical Storm – a lightning strike in the city of Calgary is captured here by Robert Scott.  Nature releases a fury upon the city, lighting it up for Robert to grab a shot of this electrifying event as it unfolds around him.

Closer to Heaven – an absolutely magical scene awaits the viewer with this beautiful photograph presented by Klaus Herrmann.  A fortress sitting high atop the hill as the blue hour sets in is perfectly photographed and processed in this piece by Klaus.

Театр в октябре (De) – usually Urbex photography results in very weathered and decaying subject matter being shared, but sometimes the genre can really surprise us.  This set of shots is of a long abandoned theatre in what we believe to be Germany, but the really interesting facet of this series is how the remaining building and its interior remain to be in near-perfect condition.

Capital Lightning – we have it all going on here in this fabulous shot from Scott Wood; a lightning storm, a lit city beneath it and boiling clouds overhead to bring home the drama.  Scott delivers a really compelling picture with this capture, this is definitely one of those pictures that delivers more as you spend time taking the details in.

Tree Swallow – a beautiful blue Tree Swallow poses for Jay Taylor as he captures this shot.  Jay does a stellar job in capturing the essence of the character of this little bird, creating an image that showcases all the wonderful details that comprise this feathered-friend.

The Allure of Night Photography – this post features a pair of night shots that differ greatly in composition and style, from the studio of Renée M. Besta.  Her first photo features a black-and-white shot of an art-deco building taken at night and the second features a colorful restaurant scene.

Lighting Up The Morning – a beautiful morning scene is captured and posted here by Jerry Denham for everyone to enjoy.  As the sun begins to rise, it casts a wonderful light upon the scene accenting the beauty of the still reflection in the water and the intricate lamppost that stands sentry.

Model A Head On – the love of antique cars is shared in this post from Tim Stanley.  This classic car is in meticulous condition and Tim captures and shares a shot here of the front view.  Great details and lines all emerge in this beautiful example of historic transportation.

Live, Love, Leave a Legacy – this monochromatic bench makes a dramatic statement, and when combined with the profound words shared by Erik & Kathleen Kerstenbeck, it takes on a new dimension.  This incredible post from the Kerstenbecks gives the viewer reason to pause and take stock of life with an eye towards deep appreciation.

View of Paradise – a gorgeous rolling landscape peppered with vibrant colors reveals a commanding mountain peak in the backdrop in this picture from Hansrico Photography.  This scene is an almost iconic perspective of a great landscape shot and is sure to be a source of delight for all who visit.

Lighthouse Dawn – an iconic east coast lighthouse poses for Steven Perlmutter to captures this beautiful early morning shot.  The long exposure technique applied here turns the ocean waters into a silky smooth texture and the inherent romance in the lighthouse creates a strong image that is sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Complicated Maelstrom – great lines, shapes and geometry come together in this shot from Gareth Glynn Ash.  This incredible image is both a study in fascinating architecture as well as a study in compelling natural lines.

Captivity – a fabulous shot straight from the studio of Scott Frederick awaits the viewer.  An abandoned room well into its phase of decay is presented here with just incredible textures and details to enjoy.  It sort of reminds me of my bedroom when I was younger, only tidier…

Swollen River at Duckpool – great drama in this black-and-white landscape photo of a fast moving river is presented here by Chris Maskell.  Chris uses a long exposure to achieve this dramatic result, creating a strong juxtaposition of the smoothed out fast-moving waters against the dramatic landscape in the backdrop.

Alaska #3011 – I haven’t made up my mind yet as to whether I like the photograph better than the accompanying blog post in this presentation from Len Saltiel.  Len does a great job in capturing this train, bringing all the wonderful inherent romance and character of it to all our monitors for us to enjoy.

The Concorde – Perry Bailey takes us along as he explores the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center.  The famous Concorde jet sits on display at the facility, and Perry captures and shares a great HDR image of it and it’s surroundings, creating a very compelling picture to view.

Kinver Edge – what may very well be one of the oldest houses in England is captured and shared in this great post from Bob Lussier.  Built into the side of a rock, this centuries old character dwelling is wonderfully captured and presented here by Bob.

My Leaf – My Rules – don’t lean in too close, you might get stung!  Rob Hanson takes us along as he explores his back yard espousing the importance of our pollen bearing friends, and comes away with a wonderful shot of one in action doing it’s bee thing.

A Treacherous Blue Hour – beautiful blue hour photos are shared in this post from Adam Allegro.  The Italian sunset basks the surroundings in gorgeous tones, bringing all the details to life in these shots, making for a pair of images that simply must be seen to be believed.

Message and a bottle – delicate and sympathetic processing is exemplified in this stunning photograph from the studio of Scott Frederick.  An old abandoned hospital window is the main backdrop in this scene full of wonderful weathering and decay.  Scott does a top drawer job in using a very unique composition to add tension to his image, making for something special.

Lightning from Bryce – this great shot delivers a picture of the heavens themselves opening up with absolute electrical fury.  Bill Church shares an image that is created by compositing 23 images onto one end result, creating a truly breathtaking image.

You know you’re a little too close when… – great photography not only delivers stunning frames to view and enjoy, it can also take you to see things that you just wouldn’t otherwise see.  This pair of shots from Mike Olbinski is a great example of this as he shares two photos; one taken in the pitch dark and the other at the exact moment the skies light up the entire area in bright daylight from a lightning storm.

If These Walls Could Stand – a scene from a sci-fi thriller presents itself here in this awesome photo from Mark Garbowski.  An old abandoned building collapses in on itself, and Mark captures a great composition that really resembles a landscape from a time when humans are just memories from the past.

My home – a wonderful little church sits in the centre of this incredible panorama from Janez Tolar, completely enveloped in a deep fog.  This almost magical and surreal image captured in Slovenija really brings all the wonder and beauty of the landscape to the viewer, creating a real must-see shot in this week’s list.

Moonlight – this picture is absolutely wonderful, as captured and delivered here by Alvar Astúlez.  The viewer’s eye is naturally led through the frame with the lines created by the old wood fence, leading the viewer right to an almost vanishing point in the mist, all accented by the gorgeous moon hanging overhead.

NYC – silhouettes can add inherent tension to pictures, leaving the viewer wondering about what the people are doing and looking at.  This great shot from Bob Israel brings the viewer a classic scene from NY with some people sitting in front of a fountain in the backdrop.

'41 Chevy Special Deluxe – Bob Byington has a totally unique style when it comes to image creating in the field of classic cars and other vehicles.  This beautiful old classic is wonderfully done up, and Bob creates a very unique image of it that really brings all the details and character of the car to the viewer.

Fly away by 55Laney69, on Flickr

Back On It! – a smashed up control room for a long abandoned facility deep in Germany comes to life with this great post from Mark Blundell.  Incredible details are accented, and the viewer is quickly whisked deep into the image to absorb the underlying meaning.

Falls View – bring a towel to this post, things are going to get wet.  Len Saltiel captures a shot of the twin falls at Niagara Falls, of which I was previously unaware of such a thing.  Len’s great shot takes the viewer right to this wonder of the world.

2:40 P.M. At Claremont Station – this captivating picture is a great HDR representation of a highly romantic scene, which is then processed into a painterly style image.  Wayne Frost shares this classic scene with a hint of mystery, creating a wonderful post to visit in this week’s list.

Our Kind of Town – the expression of historic architecture in its natural setting is presented here by Jay&Jacy Photography.  Great details in the intricate details come to life, giving the viewer a chance to really enjoy spending time with this image.

Rundetårn (The Round Tower) – with the expectation that the princess herself will come streaming down this elegant winding staircase, the viewer is presented with a sense of immersion into a fairy tale.  Randy Lemoine captures a scene with the most wonderful light that almost appears to bend around the round wall.

The Bloom In The Grain – the natural grain that comes with film photography can really add so much.  Aaron Barlow shares a picture of a beautiful flower with great bokeh that takes on a very interesting element when combined with the grain in the film.

Derelict Inn – I’m sure rooms are cheap and are always available here, but maybe not really accessible.  A boarded up inn creates the absolutely perfect photography subject here for Billy McDonald who captures a great shot full of character and details to enjoy.

A crashdown of lightning on the Beeline – we get to see two monochromatic lightning shots in this post from Mike Olbinski.  It’s really amazing how a strike like these captured here light up the surrounding area, making for pictures that give a little more as you spend time taking them in.

St. Mary’s Yonkers – Side Chapel – even though it’s Mark Garbowski’s birthday, I feel like it is us who received the present this week.  This beautiful shot of the inside of a wonderful little chapel is full of great tones and details, sure to be a highlight for everyone who visits.

Early Morning at Peyto Lake – the Banff National Park once again becomes the focal point for the talents of Len Saltiel.  This rolling and gorgeous landscape visually expresses the grandeur of the mountains and the beauty of the rich blue lakes found in the area.

This pretty much sums up my day! – beer and photography, what more could you ask for?  Chris Nitz shares a great shot taken with Instagram that shows a great composition that brings both these awesome items to life.

Lavoir a Charbon – Mechanised II – this abandoned factory in Europe looks to have been waiting for Mark Blundell to pop on by and capture this breathtaking photograph.  Fabulous textures and details in the decay all come to life in this sharp photo, making for a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Orange lily – gorgeous, gorgeous colors and tones are all captured and shared in this beautiful image of a flower, as posted here by Lotus Johnson.  Her perfect composition coupled with the beauty of the subject really come together to deliver something special here.

After Dark – as the sun sets on my hometown, Victoria, BC, Benjamin Madison captures a shot of the downtown causeway that is purely magical, as he points out.  Great colors and tones in the sky are accented by the wonderful details you find when exploring this image and taking in all the land-bound and marine-centric details.

Reflejos (reflex) – this picture hosts a stunning reflection so still, you’d swear the image was cut in half by a mirror.  Juan Carlos Simón does a fabulous job with this photograph, showcasing the fascinating architecture and accenting it with a highly dramatic reflection.

Patience – at times I wonder if Tom Dinning (@tomdinning) is a writer, rather than a photographer.  Then I look at his stunning photography and realize that’s terribly short-sighted.  This is a highly profound post, as we’ve come to expect from Tom, a real must-see in this week’s list.

Zebra in the Garage – no matter how many times you pop out to your garage for a look, I’m pretty sure you won’t find a zebra in it.  Tom Barnett, on the other hand, found a historic looking garage complete with, you guessed it, a zebra.

Great Grey Owl – we’ve got ourselves a very serious looking and large owl bearing down directly on us in this epic shot from Milan Zygmunt.  The incredible details in this majestic bird all perfectly captured and shared here bring the wonder of this gorgeous bird to life for everyone to enjoy.

Seljalandsfoss – waterfall.  Iceland.  Wow.  This simply breathtaking landscape scene as captured by Joseph Rossbach transports us to a place that most can only dream of.  The natural beauty expressed in this perfect composition is stunning beyond words, well worth the time for a visit.

Bountiful Temple sunset – Scrambling up a mountainside for the shot – for photographers, it’s all about getting the shot.  So much so we’re willing to risk life and limb to hang on the side of a mountain to capture that breathtaking scene.  Howard does a great job with this concept, delivering a post that contains several images of the temple in Salt Lake City that is guaranteed to amaze all.

On Vanishing Points – a fabulous and detailed description on the power of vanishing points is discussed in this post from Adam Allegro.  Adam uses two of his own images to share the concepts he speaks of here, creating a post that is both highly informative and utterly compelling.


Quadcopter Captures the Essence of Detroit – a true juxtaposition of decay and natural beauty, abandonment and impeccable care, new and old is presented in this absolutely epic post.  A Quadcopter takes us around the city showing both aspects in a fluid and dynamic video, guaranteed to absolutely amaze everyone.

Vivacini! July 20, 2012 – the July 20th edition of this exciting new publication is posted and available online now.  Helene Kobelnyk has been working hard on this new publication, and this edition is wonderfully put together and a real joy to peruse.

Another haboob – July 21st, 2012 – storm photographer Mike Olbinski captures a really stunning natural phenomenon as it unfolds in front of him.  This time lapse video shows the viewer in a very dramatic fashion what it’s like to be there, at ground zero, when something of this magnitude hits.

Looking around Winnipeg – a wonderful and slightly whimsical view of the great Canadian city Winnipeg is presented here by Jordan Oram.  Jordan’s great photography is accented in this post with his clever writing and observations, making for a totally delightful site to visit.

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