Everyone Can Calm Down About the Fuji X-H2


You know how excited we get about new cameras.

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Photo by X-H1 from Fuji.

But we also have to report the news as it is and, as it stands right now, everyone can calm down about the Fujifilm X-H2 because it isn’t happening – at least not this year.

Multiple reports indicate that, yes, Fuji is working on the camera but, no, it’s not coming out anytime soon.

Fuji Addict reports, “The X-H line will live on, but as a true flagship camera unlike its previous end of generation launch with the X-H1 that left it behind the X-T3. All that is known at this time is that X-H2 will come with a new sensor and likely a new processor or two in the camera along with more videocentric features.”

While this news probably warms the hearts of those people who thought the X-H line was going away after the cancellation of X-H1, that’s not going to be the case. It’s just not going to be relevant to our news stories this year.

So what is Fuji envisioning for the X-H2? PetaPixel reports that it could be the APS-C equivalent of Panasonic’s S1H – a true powerhouse for videographers. Fuji Addict also speculates that some of these timelines might be set off course by the coronavirus which is plaguing not only international air travel but also causing a slow down in key components factories in China.

“So the release schedule will likely become Fujifilm X-H2, Fujifilm X-T5, Fujifilm X-Pro4 and so on with the return of the X-H line at the top. That being taking into consideration we will be waiting for a while since Fujifilm X-T4 and X-Pro3 were just announced recently,” Fuji Addict speculates.

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