Expect to Pay More for Fujifilm Film Products Starting in April – Report


One of the themes of the past twelve months is the general rise in prices across the board for almost every photography-related item you can imagine.

film tape on floor
Photo by John Moeses Bauan

Of course, along with those price hikes we’ve had endless shortages and product delays. In general, it has not been the best time to try to get new gear or replenish needed supplies.

That makes today’s headline somewhat expected but no less disappointed as Fujifilm is indicating, per multiple sources, that it intends to raise the price of its film products by some 60% starting in April of this year.

According to a tweet machine translated and posted to PetaPixel, film prices will increase between 20% and 60% while photo paper will go up 10% to 20%, inkjet paper 12% and 22%, color processing chemicals 10%, and Instax Mini 11 15%.

Interestingly, there is a caveat to these price increases: It is unknown whether this is a generalized trend or specific to the Japanese market.

As PetaPixel notes, the price increases are unexpected, but the general malaise that’s hanging over the industry doesn’t help anything and it really doesn’t help that Fuji basically wants to focus more on healthcare and semiconductors over the optical side of things in the future. They said as much in 2021 and they’re not the only “camera” company to look elsewhere for bigger profits (lest we forget the whole Olympus will-they-or-won’t-they thing some while back – they did, by the way, and we have a new company to show for it).

Do you use Fujifilm film? Let us know your thoughts on this price increase in the comment below.

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