FAA Investigating Plane Crash Filmed and Posted on YouTube


We’ve covered a lot of crazy antics that social media personalities attempt to get views, clicks, or just attention at any rate.

red and white airplane in mid air
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten

From falling out of a car window to falling off of a cliff and beyond, it’s getting tougher to do something “novel” in this genre of media.

But today’s story somehow does just that though we should add the disclaimer that people think this is all a stunt. As of right now, we don’t know anything for sure other than it is being investigated.

As always, people over on Reddit have more than a few opinions but, as far as we’re concerned, the selfie stick captures are what the Internet would call more than a little “extra.”

Basically, some YouTube personality who also used to do some things in sports is under investigation by the United States Federal Aviation Administration for a plane crash parachute-enabled bailout that was subsequently captured and put on YouTube for the whole world to see.

Per our past policy with these stories, we’re not giving any free advertising for the attempt though, as of press, it seems to have only garnered more than 300,000 views which, compared to much of the other less expensive, decidedly lower-effort content out there, isn’t really the best return on your investment if, indeed, the plane was wrecked intentionally. Again, that’s for the FAA to decide. Yet, in a world where the Martian rovers’ pictures struggle to compete with videos of a newborn kitten, Hollywood-esque stunts are probably not going to really move the needle. Be safe out there, folks.

In the court of the Internet, however, the case is already in the final judgment phases as the vast majority of people are a) unimpressed and b) deeply skeptical. We caught this story from FStoppers and we have to agree that the most central question in all of this, real or not, is how far will someone go to get “famous” on social media, and is that the kind of society we want?

Probably not, and there could be all sorts of regulations headed that way as we’ve covered on this blog multiple times.

Do you think there are any limits to what people will do for views on the Internet? Let us know your thoughts on these kinds of stunts in the comments below.

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