Facebook Changes Its Name to Meta


It looks like Olympus is inspiring a new trend in the tech industry because Facebook just announced it, too, is changing its name.

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The company once known as Facebook is now called Meta and, in a move akin to Google’s creation of Alphabet, the new name is meant to focus the company’s future on the “metaverse” of content idea they bandied about in the press for the past couple of years.

If you read that last line closely, you can intuit that none of this is really that surprising and it isn’t.

Heck, even we brought more than a few sources a while back that hinted that Zuckerberg’s empire contemplated as much, especially given the difficulties Instagram has had and more recently compounded by Facebook’s own issues with whistleblowers and document leaks.

Perhaps a name change was exactly what the company needed?

“Today we are seen as a social media company, but in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people, and the metaverse is the next frontier just like social networking was when we got started,” Zuckerberg said of the new company name.

MSNBC goes on to detail Meta’s efforts in expanding upon the metaverse concept including the company’s recent partnership with Ray-Ban to make Wayfarers with cameras embedded in them. Akin to Snap’s effort in that area, Facebook also has more complex operations like Oculus that specializes in VR specifically. It looks like all of that is about to become a lot more important to Facebook in the future with Zuckerberg going so far to, again, reiterate his belief that the “metaverse” will succeed the mobile Internet itself.

What do you think of Facebook’s name change? Let us know your thoughts on “Meta” in the comments below.

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