Facebook’s Future Strategy Possibly Taking More Than a Few Pages from TikTok’s Playbook


We’ve followed Facebook’s strategy updates over the years and, frankly, last year’s declaration of focus on the meta-universe was probably the biggest yet.

A picture of the Facebook “Like” icon on a mural billboard. Photo by Greg Bulla

Even so, Facebook’s other corporate efforts remain relevant, namely their competition with apps such as TikTok, and, apparently, that’s going to influence the company’s strategy somewhat moving forward.

In a bid to capture some of the zeitgeist that TikTok currently commands, Facebook is going to start making itself (and Instagram, reportedly) a lot more like the popular video-sharing service.

What this means first is that the algorithm will preference popular over chronological content from people you follow. That makes some sense but could lead to a more isolating experience for those of us who use Instagram and Facebook for networking more than anything else.

Interestingly, Facebook might be a bit of an underdog here as TikTok continues to post impressive download numbers. We’ve covered more than a few of the company’s initiatives to counteract this in addition to some other efforts at eCommerce. All in all, it’s crazy to see how much these two services have changed since inception and it’s hard to imagine how much further they’ll have to go to remain relevant in the light of shifting user tastes.

Hanging in the air over all of this, naturally, are the many controversies surrounding Facebook’s companies and, more specifically, how they recommend content. Needless to say, the company is aware of this and it is a big motivator behind the push to refine content recommendation algorithms used, The Verge reports, quoting Meta exec Tom Alison.

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