Famous WWII Photographer Tony Vaccaro Recovers from COVID-19


This novel coronavirus outbreak is typically bad news, but we’ve got something uplifting for you today.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

Famous World War II photographer Tony Vaccaro announced that he had recovered from a case of COVID-19 and, as you can imagine, at 97 years of age he’s proving to be an inspiration for many of us that are scared of this still largely unstudied disease.

He’s also no stranger to survival: A survivor of the Battle of Normandy, Vaccaro captured thousands of images during the war. Among these is one of his more famous photographs, “Kiss of Liberation,” which shows a US soldier kissing a French girl after liberating her village. PetaPixel reports that, following the war, Vaccaro became a famous fashion and lifestyle photographer who captured the likes of John F. Kennedy and Sophia Loren, among others. He is even the subject of an HBO documentary titled, “Under Fire: The Untold Story of PFC Tony Vaccaro.”

Of his recovery, Vaccaro told the Associated Press, “To me, the greatest thing that you can do is challenge the world, and most of these challenges I win. I really feel I have luck on my back, and I could go anywhere on this Earth and survive it.”

Readers of this blog know that the COVID-19 pandemic has proven uniquely challenging for our profession, and we typically have nothing to report other than cancellations, delays, furloughs, and closings so this story is a nice breath of fresh air around here.

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