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It has been a very exciting week in the field of photography with many people posting a wide variety of posts and photographs for the world to view and enjoy.  This week's list features a selection of the work completed by many different artists working in the field today and we hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you!


How to Get Great Portraits With Minimal Equipment – this great article is written by Kent DuFault and hosted right here on Light Stalking, showing you in great details many different techniques to apply to capture awesome portrait shots.  Kent covers a wide variety of concepts in this article, and shares some great sample photos that are sure to spark your creative senses and help you capture that next great portrait.

Michael Saechang
Michael Saechang

High Speed Flash Sync explained… With stop-motion animation! – the magic of high speed flash synchronization is explored in this tutorial post that features a brief video presentation that employs stop motion animation to take this highly complex (and slightly geeky) subject and help clarify it.

How to Use Environmental Lighting Sources for Natural Portraiture – this is a very thorough tutorial that takes you through all aspects of harnessing natural light to create terrific portraits.  All sorts of very useful tips and tricks are covered in this post, along with some awesome sample shots that showcase the results you can expect when applying these techniques.

10 Tips for Capturing the Essence of a Rainforest – as is often the case in life, the simple details make all the difference.  This tutorial covers 10 great points you can apply when shooting forests that can really help in focusing on the subject you are interested in and capturing in a way that pleases you and your audience.

Frans Berkelaar
Frans Berkelaar

How to take better photos with your iPhone (or any other smartphone) – this video is just over 4 minutes in length and is one of the best quick primers I have seen for showing you how to capture great shots using your smart phone.  The video presentation is short and sweet, getting right to the key points, and in doing so reveals a few very powerful tips and tricks.

4 Practical Solutions for Better Street Photography – street photography as an art form has many considerations to factor in when looking to capture that next great candid shot on the streets of your favorite city.  In this post right here on Light Stalking, we get 4 straightforward tips alongside some terrific sample shots, creating a great article that is short to read yet full of great ideas.


Creating Drama in Your Photos with Flash – this is a terrific primer article that discusses a conscious decision by the photographer to manually balance ambient and flash lighting, often with very dramatic results.  This simple to read post will give you great ideas, all illustrated with sample photographs that showcase the effective results of applying these techniques.

How to Set and Control Your Camera Manually for Night Photography – great night photographs are a genre all their own, and mastering this style of photography is totally unique compared to others.  This primer covers all the basics by giving you a high-level step-by-step list of procedures that form the foundation for capturing stunning nighttime shots.

The Simplest, Fastest and Most Effective One Light Setup I’ve Ever Used – sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, as we find in this article that shows you how to create a single light setup that creates terrific results when shooting intimate portraits.  The methods used here require one off-camera light source, a reflector and a pair of scissors, and the accompanying example images showcase the results you can expect.

Split tone effect tutorial in Photoshop – this terrific tutorial shows you how to create a split tone effect in your processing, creating a look that is powerful and giving you a new technique to use in your production process.  Screen shots are supplied for each step of the process and the resulting image shows the finished product and what you can expect.

Raúl A.-
Raúl A.-

How to quickly and simply enhance greens in landscape photos using Photoshop – this video tutorial is just over 4 minutes in length and takes you through the process of enhancing greens in landscape photos.  The results are subtle yet striking, adding a certain touch to a shot that helps to complete it.

The Art of Cityscapes – Jimmy McIntyre takes you through his entire process for producing the stunning cityscapes that he is so well known for.

Salt Spring Island photographer brings rare, vintage guitars to life in exhibition – this is a terrific application of the art of photography to capture the art of music.  This news article features the work of Gillean Proctor who encountered an incredible collection of classic guitars and then went through the work of documenting them.  The resulting shots are featured in a gallery presentation.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

30 Fearless GoPro Bloggers and Vloggers You Should Get to Know – video productions are becoming much more predominant in the image space these days, and for those who follow this genre of photography would appreciate this terrific list of 30 people working in the field right now.  This list will lead you to a vast collection of various themes produced by some of the leaders in video production.

20 Concept Photos That Will Put a Smile on Your Face – the power of visual comedy comes to our screens in this wonderful blog post that features 20 pictures that are guaranteed to bring a broad smile to your face.  Some of the concepts hit you right away, while others require a moment's thought to find the source of the humor, all coming together splendidly to provide a brief reprieve from whatever it is you are doing right now.

Beautiful 4K Video of Lofoten in Norway – the breathtaking landscapes and communities of Lofoten, Norway come to life on our screens in this stunning 4K video presentation.  These images were taken from flying platforms and showcase the stunning scenery of Norway in a wonderful and unique way.

Photographer's eyes opened on epic road trip along Canada-U.S. border – photography projects are a terrific way to apply your skills and vision in a personal way, giving you purpose and helping to create structure in terms of commitment and scheduling.  In this article we find Canadian photographer Andreas Rutkauskas as he takes on a project documenting many of the border crossings that separate Canada and the US, and in doing so he learns so much about himself and the countries that straddle the borderline.


Monsoon Storm in the Desert – Chris Frailey shares a pair of simply stunning storm shots in this post, showcasing the incredible colors that epic storm systems can create against the incredible drama found in the cloud formations and the skies above.  The first shot features a lightning strike that is truly amazing, and the second shot focuses on a ray of light that seems to come down from the heavens above as a wicked storm rages below.

Georgie Pauwels
Georgie Pauwels

Tláloc's speech – Moisés Rodríguez shares a wonderful black-and-white shot featuring a downward view looking over a person walking in the rain.  The raw drama created by the monochrome aspect of the shot finds perfect harmony with the repeating pattern found on the walkway below, creating a terrific shot full of rich artistic tension.

Rat Rod by Leica – you just can’t beat the raw drama and power that a carefully designed and crafted rat rod can create with its stance, and this incredible shot from Joe Farace is a great example of this.  Full of rich character, this car made for a perfect subject that Joe then processed in a highly sympathetic manner, creating an image that stands the test of time.

Quiet morning on the lake – beautiful blue hues spring to life in this terrific shot featuring Lake Bled and the medieval monastery that sits on a tiny island in the middle of it.  Moreno Geremetta used a long exposure to capture this shot, resulting in the surface of the lake taking on a dynamic feel as it surrounds the old structure standing tall in the heart of the image.

maxime raynal
maxime raynal

The Daily Grind – Brad Truxell shares a new image captured in Pittsburgh as evening settles in, featuring fast moving light trails from hustling and bustling commuters as they make their way home or to that next stop.  As Brad mentions in this post, the application of a telephoto lens creates a sense of scenic compression, which takes advantage of the light trails moving across the bridge to create a strong natural leading line into the frame.

bear cub hiding – some pictures tell an entire story in a glance, as we find here with this wonderful photograph from Tin Man.  A tiny bear cub who is enjoying its new life playing in tall grasses takes a peek above the grass line back at the camera, creating an instant classic that leaves us all wanting more.

Glass Sails – The Boat Building, Hartford, Connecticut – Len Saltiel shows the power of a great reflection in this architectural study of a contemporary building in the United States.  This building has a facade of tinted glass, creating the perfect surface to reflect a scene of standing buildings that face it.

Theportalofgïrdmor – a haunting vanishing point draws you into this picture by Lars van de Goor that finds so much drama in the natural light streaming in at the end of the tree-lined corridor.  The golden hues that are accented in this shot add to the mystical feel of the image, finishing off a perfect composition.

Alessandro Caproni
Alessandro Caproni

Forgotten Conversations – CJ Schmit visits and abandoned room where the effects of time have taken their toll on the walls and ceiling, coming away with a shot full of terrific artistic tension that leaves us all yearning for more.  An armchair sitting in the heart of the image creates a sense of questioning, and CJ’s processing technique brings out a nostalgic feel that is absolutely perfect for the scene.

Old Wharf Reflections – wonderful colors of the heritage buildings sitting on the shores are mirrored in a dynamic reflection created by moving waters at the foreground of this shot by Eirik Sørstrømmen.  This shot was captured at night and showcases the terrific scene of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Norway.

Light on the water – dappled light dances on the water as vibrant colors from the last bits of sun from the day covers this seascape scene in a perfectly beautiful way.  Barry Turner’s shot also features silhouettes from buildings sitting on a piece of land across from the body of water, adding a perfect finishing touch.

Chasing the light – a haunting tale of what once was an ocean-going vessel is captured in a single frame in this eerie photograph by Darek Gruszka.  The rusty hull of this abandoned boat is today clearly not ocean-worthy, yet it’s presence in this shot creates a sense of wonder and question in the minds of all who see it.

Don Miller
Don Miller

Arizona Sunset – Ron Niebrugge creates a colorful piece with this photograph that features silhouettes of tall standing cactus plants in Arizona at the moment before the sun disappears for the day.  The outlines of the plants create a striking series of shapes against the colorful sky in the backdrop, creating a striking abstract piece, while the wispy clouds overhead add texture.

Bergsbotn – this landscape piece portrays a beautiful snow-covered scene under the cover of a vibrantly colored sky.  Roberto Sysa Moiola creates a moving image in this shot, taking advantage of the soft reflections from the waters to add a compelling element to the composition.

Buffy’s On Her Way – as a female Bufflehead darts her way across the landscape in flight, Jay Taylor is at the ready with his camera to capture this amazing photograph.  Jay’s panning technique delivers a perfectly sharp portrait of this fast-moving bird against a highly dynamic backdrop that creates a strong sense of motion.

Northern Paradiese – Raphael Messmer’s photograph captures the essence of life in a snowy region, accented by the beautiful homes that dot the waters edge.  By using the blue hour to its fullest advantage, the lights from the homes find visual harmony with the other key features, making for a shot that delivers more as you spend time with the fine details.

Spring Finds – for those who love vivid colors and beautiful flowers, this is a must-see post in this weeks list.  Rachel Cohen shares a terrific set of gorgeous shots featuring a wide variety of flowers, most with a very shallow depth-of-focus that is perfect for isolating the beautiful subjects from their backdrops.

Bertram Nudelbach

Time Square 2000ft up – this shot of Time Square was captured from an elevated perspective by photographer Jon Trend, revealing a look at this iconic location not typically seen.  His careful processing applies a bit of a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of older film shots, adding to the feel of the image.

Underpass – this great shot comes to us from Dave Wares who captures and shares this dramatic black-and-white shot taken from underneath an underpass as a pedestrian makes their way out.  The silhouette of the person adds a perfect dash of artistic tension to this shot.

Oberbaumbrücke – Michael Köster captures and creates a highly stylized and artistic shot of this important bridge in Germany, processing it in black-and-white to highlight the contrast and create a very dramatic look.  This brings all the terrific details and textures of the architectural feature out, which is finished off by the silky waters that flow around it from the long exposure time.

Red-Legged Days – Laurie MacBride shares a delightful trio of photographs featuring one of my favorite subjects, frogs.  Each of these compositions shows the tiny creature in a different setting, revealing a glimpse into their character and timid nature.

Bullock’s Oriole – Ron Niebrugge creates and shares a wonderful shot of an oriole sitting on a perch of budding twigs, casting a brightly colored yellow figure against the beautiful natural backdrop it calls home to.  Incredible details in the bird find harmony with the shallow depth-of-focus to isolate the bird from it’s surroundings, making it pop right out of the frame.


Lavender field – Thomas Lusth shares a panoramic shot of a field of lavenders in vivid bloom with a stream of glorious light coming down upon the field from frame right.  The lines of colorful flowers leads the viewer into the picture where we follow off into the distance where a great vanishing point is discovered.

Hall of Voices – CJ Schmit plays with light and shadow in this eerie image that is full or raw drama.  CJ visits an abandoned building in this piece, focusing on the remnants of a hallway that has ajar doors that act as flags for light, creating zones of illumination that add to the overall feel.

Bád Eddie – Adrian Mulligan’s shot of a detailed shipwreck is bathed in warm tones as it lies on it’s side on the shores in a carpet of sand.  This once active boat now is just a wood skeleton of what once was, creating a compelling shot full of texture and detail, all finished off by a perfect dash of artistic tension for those who yearn to know more.

Choir Room – this is a choir room that hasn’t seen a student in around 20 years now, and the effects and ravages of time have played their role in creating an ever-changing canvas for Brad Truxell.  The graffiti left behind adds a dash of artistic tension to a scene that is literally dripping in decay and texture, all meticulously captured and delivered here by Brad.

Speeding By – Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta – Len Saltiel brings us along as he speeds his way in a boat on Maligne Lake to the iconic spot known worldwide as Spirit Island.  This incredible photograph showcases the indescribable beauty found in the Canadian Rockies, and Len also briefly discusses the amazing opportunities that are found in this park.

Sunset Walk of the Monk – a wonderful photograph from Gonzalo Navarro Bendito captures a silhouette of a monk walking across a wooden walkway with a bright orange sun in the background.  The stark silhouette of the stooped monk walking creates a perfect sense of artistic tension in the shot, accented by the feel of the old world created with the boardwalk.

Castle through the trees – this wonderful photograph comes to us from Barry Turner who frames a centuries old stone castle by using some trees as a compositional element.  The wonderful blue tones in the moat that surrounds the castle creates a striking reflection, adding a perfect touch to an amazing scene.

ReStLeSS sOUL IV – the shores of Greece are the perfect spot to find and capture a shot of this steel shipwreck now lying defunct as the ocean waters that surround it slowly encase it in rust.  Stratos Gazas used a long exposure to capture this piece, adding a terrific ethereal feel in the waters that lap against the hull of this ship that once roamed the waters.

Manel Torralba
Manel Torralba

An Eagle’s Welcome – Anne McKinnell shares an incredible trio of photographs in this post, all focused on the raw natural beauty of the bald eagle as it lives in it’s natural habitat.  Each of the shots features a different aspect and composition of these amazing creatures, all with incredible details.

“The Khalifa IV” (Urbanism at it's best-II) – light trails from moving traffic create curls of vibrant color that guide you into the picture in this cityscape shot from Prakash Singh.  Front and center in the shot is the famous Burj Khalifa building in Dubai, casting a dramatic pose against the dramatic sky the encircles the city below.

Sunset at Lime Kiln Point – the incredible scenery of San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States is explored in this post by Jim Nix.  Jim captures a variety of shots of this incredible island, with the ultimate shot being that of a lighthouse that stands sentry on the coastline.

Dark Haze – even though this shot is simple in concept, it portrays a haunting scene that feels as though it originates on another planet entirely.  Michael Shainblum’s tight composition of a forested area is captured in muted light and then is delicately processed to highlight the fog that shrouds the forest and creates the eerie sense.

Susquehanna Lock House Museum – originally built in 1840, today this beautiful red colored house sits pristine on Chesapeake Bay and serves as a museum to those interested.  Jimi Jones took 3 distinct photos of this heritage building, each showcasing the unique and wonderful architecture that was predominant in this region at the time.

‘Relax day for…' – greenish blue waters cast a terrific tone upon this scene captured by Chris Hornung that features a fishing boat moored near the shoreside.  In the distance, small island create dots of green and on frame left we discover a beautiful swatch of color from the pending sunset.

Skid Row – texture and detail is the name of the game in this post from Michael Criswell that features a pair of shots of old and forgotten cars rusting away in a field.  The wonderful effects of time and decay come to the forefront in these images, creating pictures that are full of artistic tension and character.

Box Repsol
Box Repsol

The Wizard – vibrant colors pop off the screen in this epic shoreline shot taken in Oregon at the dawn of a new day.  Photographer Mark Brodkin captures an outward looking view of the ocean shores, revealing rock formations that are truly dramatic against the backdrop of the colorful sky, with one of the formations taking on the shape of a wizard’s hat.

life at low tide – the west coast of Vancouver Island, a place my wife and I call home to, is featured in this great shot from the studio of Frank King.  Frank finds a wonderful spot during low tide, revealing blue pools of water that create natural leading lines in the sand to guide you through the composition and out into the eternal beauty of the area.

Autumn Memories – Eamon Gallagher’s shot showcases wonderful fall colors in the trees that encircle a still body of water.  The beautiful reflections of the landscape form a mirror of the composition, adding a terrific element to this breathtaking piece.

Into the Tulip, Minnesota – incredible colors and beauty spring to life in this gorgeous shot that showcases a delightful tulip flower in bloom.  Mark Paulson’s shot takes advantage of the terrific natural light here to really bring the vibrant tones out of the scene.

Power of Nature – lighthouses remain one of my personal favorite photography subjects, as they cast an often romantic figure against the backdrop of the ocean.  Mathieu RIVRIN captures a stunning example of one as an angry ocean roils around the lighthouse, crashing huge waves up against the structure and creating a strong sense of artistic tension that is truly palpable.

Just Rusting Away – it’s hard to beat the unique beauty found in things that are forgotten and rusting from the ravages of time in the elements, as evidenced in this great shot from Tim Stanley.  An old and classic Nash Metropolitan is the main subject in this shot, giving us a glimpse into a scene of an old car that once roamed the highways and was a central point of someone’s life all those years ago.


What It Was Like To Photograph George Bush on 9/11 – this video presentation is only about a minute and a half in length, yet it really gives you an idea of what it is like to photograph someone famous, in this case the President of the United States, during candid moments that are profound to history.  New images captured on this fateful day by staff photographer are shared in this video, along with a brief audio transcript.

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