Feel The Frustration! Astronaut Discovers He’s Forgotten the Camera’s SD Card While on Spacewalk


Space: The final frontier for making rookie photography mistakes.

It happens to the best of us.

You get ready for a big day of shooting with your camera and you find out at the last minute that you’ve forgotten a critical piece of gear and it sets you back or even ruins the outing.

Well, don’t feel so bad – the same thing just happened to astronaut Drew Feustel when he took his GoPro for a spacewalk only to discover he had forgotten his SD Card.

Feustel, a flight engineer aboard the International Space Station, discovered he had forgotten the card when went to take some shots of outer space only to find he couldn’t in an embarrassing lapse caught on camera while the astronaut was communicating with Houston back on Earth.

Image via Pixabay from Pexels.com.

Of course, the GoPro camera Feustel is using is clad in protective casing to keep it safe from the harsh environment of space but, as Digital Rev points out, without an SD Card it really is just a glorified viewfinder. Feustel was going to take some epic pictures while he was out on a routine maintenance mission for the space station. We're sure that's a highly technical affair so his mind might have focused itself on other things, needless to say.

Cameras and space travel have had a long history together, with the relationship between Nikon and NASA going all the way back to 1971. We reported last year on a huge order of Nikon D5 DSLRs going to space, 53 to be exact. These cameras were delivered to NASA without modifications by Nikon but will likely undergo extensive reworking by NASA to tailor the devices to the agency’s needs.

If you would like to watch the moment Drew Feustel discovers he has left his SD Card back inside the International Space Station, you can do so by clicking here to view it here on YouTube.

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