Finally a Cheap, Universal Underwater Camera Housing?


Want to get into underwater photography without emptying your bank account? Well, you probably already know that underwater housings for cameras are VERY expensibe. Enter the Outex.

Nothing is more important than protecting your gear, especially when water is involved. Outex is launching a camera accessory that they think will not only protect your camera for underwater shots but will also allow for maximum operability, giving photographers both control and protection at an unbeatable price.

Outex launched a Kickstarter project seeking $USD 35,000 in funding to bring its translucent rubber underwater camera housing to market.

Image via Outex Clear Variant Kickstarter Campaign Video.

This new clear version will be the company’s second product, the original being a solid blue color, excepting for the lens covering, which is transparent. The new variant will be entirely see through.

With the goal of ease of use in mind, Outex developed the clear variant allows for easier adjustments by the photographer, or as the company says on its Kickstarter page, the design is “travel-friendly, modular, affordable, and maintains access to all your camera and len's controls.”

The original variant can withstand depths of 10 meters/33 feet and, unique to Outex’s offering, features a flexible casing that stretches so that a wide variety of devices can use it. This flexible accommodation at an affordable price is what has made the Outex original casing such a popular option for many photographers.

Outex also touts an improved manufacturing process that has increased the longevity of the pouches.

There are various funding levels and goals attached, with different devices receiving covers as the pledges increase. At $USD 75,000, Outex will launch covers for mirrorless and compact cameras, at $USD 150,000, the company is promising a casing for wide-body cameras, and at $USD 175,000 covers for pistol grips and tripods.

A pledge of $USD 100 gives backers one clear cover that the patron will receive in January 2018 pending successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign.

Image via Outex Clear Variant Kickstarter Campaign Video.

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