Finally, Some More Google Pixel 6 Details to Share with You


We brought some preliminary news about the Google Pixel 6 a little while back and we’re here today with some more fresh info straight from The Verge.

Photo by Pixel 6 from Google.

Of course, we’re talking about features – specifically, the Google Pixel 6’s ability to edit photos on the fly without the need for user input.

And while many of the specs remain shrouded in mystery until the official reveal, all signs indicate that Google is seriously pushing the next-gen Pixel 6 Pro as their marquee, top-of-the-line model.

That comes with a 6.7-inch QHD+ display at a 120Hz refresh rate with three back cameras (a wide-angle main sensor, a 4x optical zoom telephoto lens, and an ultrawide) all powered by the new Tensor SoC, a feature some are billing as Google’s response to Apple’s in-house A series of chips for smartphones though that comparison isn’t exactly accurate.

To demonstrate some of the things powered by this development, Google showed The Verge a demo wherein a blurry photo was corrected to show the subject’s face clearly. In a video capabilities demonstration, Google showed the Pixel 6 alongside competitors’ phones, and the demonstrably better quality achieved is apparently due to the way the new phone’s system “same HDRNet process that Google applies to still images can now be applied to every single frame in video.”

Of course, the Pixel 6’s “camera bar” continues to be a point of conversation but it is being billed as a “celebration” of smartphone cameras according to Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh which definitely makes it sound like a conscious, intentional design element. Concerns remain that the “camera bar” doesn’t do enough to predict the delicate hardware it contains but we’ll just have to wait and see how it holds up once the phone is out and about in the wild.

You can read Dieter Bohn’s detailed examination of the Pixel 6 over on The Verge at this link.

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