First Zeiss, Now Canon: Price Increases Coming to Range of Lenses, Cameras


We brought you news of Zeiss raising the prices on its lens earlier this week and now it looks like Canon is following suit on its products.

black Canon DSLR camera near yellow flowers
Photo by Benjamin Sander Bergum

And the company has made it official: In a statement to PetaPixel, Canon confirmed the price increases with the 5D Mark IV jumping $USD 200 to a new price of $USD 2,699, among others. Many RF lenses will be going up by at least $USD 100 the report indicates.

Notably, lenses experiencing a price increase are currently out of stock and this might have a lot to do with the price increases. Indeed, PetaPixel’s report on the matter cites factory delays and production cutbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic which makes sense given that this is a phenomenon that has impacted the broader industry for some time as we have reported.

It’s not all bad for camera manufacturers, either, as we reported that Nikon experienced a bit of a turnaround after successive quarters of decline prior to and during the pandemic. Still, major companies like Sony, Nikon, and even Canon are plagued by everything from rising costs to ship and make goods to the semiconductor shortage plaguing multiple industries from smartphones to computers and beyond.

What’s interesting is that these price increases are happening right before the traditionally harried end-of-the-year shopping season that occurs towards the end of the year for much of the world. These prices might be a way of cashing in on decreased supply and stable or rising demand as most of them don’t seem to be a deterrent to purchasing something. After all, if you’re in the market for an RF lens, another $USD 100 isn’t likely to stop you though it isn’t the most optimal situation from a consumer standpoint.

Do you think we’ll see more rising prices from other manufacturers in the coming weeks? Let us know how this might impact your plans to buy new gear in the comments.

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