Flying a Drone Into a Tornado in Yazoo City


We’ve been sort of addicted to stories about drones doing daring things if you haven’t noticed.

Photo by Stefan Schuch from Pexels.

While most of those articles circle around the volcano erupting in Iceland, today’s is from a different background but firmly in the same genre.

Of course, common to some of these stories, the drone was lost but we gained so much in return. Today’s video is from Brian Emfinger who works as a storm chaser and a tornado he filmed near Yazoo City, Mississippi in the United States.

The video was initially shared on Reddit but caught fire around the photography community for its pretty cool footage.

You can the footage at this link. And you can view the shorter clip that took Reddit by storm at this link.

In the description for the video on YouTube, he writes: “Close range video of a destructive tornado just southeast of Yazoo City from May 2, 2021. The tornado was catching me (I was near/underneath the drone) so unfortunately the drone didn’t make it. The last shots it got are included here. Sound is from my controller I was holding and you can hear the tornado (that’s how close I was).”

Brian has also shared the video in snippets on his Instagram page at this link. You can also visit his website and YouTube channel at the highlighted links respectively.

As for our other articles, you can check out some of our recent coverage of the volcano in Iceland including a drone that ended operation while above lava and another that took a direct hit from the molten rock and lived to tell the tale.

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