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    58.0 mm

    need some feedback here………..desperate with proud parents and all…….good job they know me!! 🙂

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    Roger Wehage

    Ah…what can I say? If you could ever get your model to pose like that again I would suggest to put a small pad inside the hat so it doesn't cover the eyes. Also make sure to focus directly on the eyes.

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    Great idea love the over large hat and no problem with it falling over the eyes. Brim of the hat seems to be the focus point the face is a bit soft. Smaller aperture maybe?  Why B/W? Its ended up a little flat and lacking in tonal range. Admire your courage my friend. Only tried a baby portrait once and the little fella screamed squarked and cried for an hour in between vomiting and filling his diaper. Never again!

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    Rob Eyers

    Wonderful concept Duncan. Too bad the DOF was so shallow. I have a couple of suggestions to try if you care.

    1. Adjust levels a tiny, tiny bit as it seems a touch washed out.
    2. Add a little “blur” sharpening to the mouth, nose, and eyes which will help with the missed focal point.
    3. Try a reverse custom shape vignette to fade the edges to white. This may help the subject feel more in focus.

    Would show, but your prefs. are set to no editing.

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    Graham Hart

    Great shot Falxy. Some technical points already mentioned are valid but still a heart melting pic.

    What would you think about moving the crop down so that the baby was nearer the top of the frame? With that ‘flying' pose, more room at the bottom of the frame would put some ‘air' under his/her wings. The large hat seems to be flattening the poor thing at the bottom of the frame 🙂

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