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    We're heading back to the big “Vette to Victoria” long weekend event held in 2012 here in Victoria, BC, Canada. This post features a look at a true icon of the times experienced during the 50's. A time when planes were just starting to criss-cross the skies, Elvis Presley was King and automotive design reflected all this. Let's hop in this roadster together and head out for an adventure!

    Please feel free to visit our blog “An Icon Of The Times” to see all 4 new HDR images and to read the story behind them.

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    @toadhollow – terrific car, terrific processing. I love how you managed to find the perfect place to keep your reflection hidden.

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    Thanks my friend! I had to hop around quite a bit to make sure that happened (or didn't as the case may be)!! Thank you for your visit and comments!!

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    That is the exact car I have always wanted to start my collection. 58 Corvette Roadster. 🙂

    One day…

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    What can I do to boost commerce 'round these parts for you, my friend? Anything at all I can do to help make that dream a reality for you!! I expect a nice ride around in your new roadster when you get it.

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    Of course Toad!

    Of course, there will be a line. 😉

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