At Beach

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    This one was taken with a Nikon D5000 at around 7am.[email protected]/9389471516/


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    Walter Lustig

    Flickr says: This photo is private. Oops! You don't have permission to view this photo.

    As this has happened before here, I think you would need to change the privacy settings.

    Really would like to see the larger version.

    You seem to go for the “silky” water effect, but I don't know if there are any areas in yr pic in focus like the rocks for example … therefore the high-res version would help.

    Pls provide settings and any details on the image as well as what yr intention was, what you think worked and what did not … which lens respectively which focal length did you use …

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    the foreground is lovely. I do find the horizon a bit bowed though. I might try to tone down the sunspot or give the sky a bit more drama.

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    I too find the horizon distracting, if you can straighten out the distortion that would help a lot. I think I would have shot a longer exposure in this setting to get a smoother effect with the water, but you may have been wanting the water to look like this. Pretty nice shot though!

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    Suheil unneen

    The horizon is distorted
    Apart from the slightly silky water, in the foreground, there is nothing much to hold my interest. My eye keeps flicking to the top portion

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    green and yellow seascape? Meh… it's different but it just doesnt float my boat :/

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    Richard Taylor

    Consider correcting the curved horizon and controlling the exposure (of the sky etc) by using a ND grad filter.

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    Decided to try it with B&W…

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