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    This one was taken with a 10 stop filter on early morning.
    I know I cropped the front hotel building and should have used a portrait orientation instead. Besides the hotel cropped, what would you improve in this picture ?


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    Walter Lustig

    unless you have options to crop differently, I fear that only a retake would help ;-(

    you are following the “rule of 25%” or “partition your image into quarters”

    upper left quarter of the image – sky
    upper right – buildings
    lower right – ricks
    lower left – water

    I wish there was more ocean, sky, mist

    one of the rocks becomes a dark distracting patch

    this image is a struggle between nature and man made structures composition-wise

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    Have to agree. No defined point of interest.
    The ocean, surf, sky and rocks are the main interest.
    I think the buildings seem to counter nature in this picture.

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    I have to agree with @fidelito, but also I would want more light/highlights on the right side of the photo

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