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    Maureen Photograph

    And another … I enhanced the colors using LAB Man from Mars.

    70 MM, 1/5 second, F4, ISO 3200.


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    Kent DuFault

    Love it! Maureen. Dang! These just get better and better. Now, I'm getting jealous. 🙂

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    Maureen Photograph

    Ha ha good one!  Thanks Kent!

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    This could be the result of the made in Phils vari focals I wear but this hurts my eyes. Colors are sweet for sure but one look is enough. Its got the feel of a shot that did not quite work that you mounted a rescue job on. Its a fine rescue and I sincerely wish in my case it was not so likely to induce a migraine.

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    Very pleasing colors and I like the overall compo a lot, but I rather wish the red-clad figure had been in the space between the two uprights. Also, the wraith-like figure to its left leaves me confused.

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    Tom M

    Cool image Maureen. Looks like a photo Kent might take. I see why he's jealous. The only thing that bothers me is the pink straight line blur of the shoes of figure on the left, and the straight line blur of the head of same person. Otherwise I like it a lot…


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    Richard Barnard

    I prefer this to your other blur shot as this is closer to the abstract / surreal. I like the strong colour palette, particularly the blue door against the yellow wall. I would prefer it if the pink shoes weren’t quite so dominant and would be tempted to crop out the strip of highlight blue frame right. Otherwise a creative shot.

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    I like the dreamy atmosphere here, such a creative shot!

    I find these colors a little bit too vibrant for my taste (especially the blue door), but I guess that's the matter of personal preference.

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    Delicious blocks of color and they are sufficiently in focus to work for me. I agree with Richard about the crop. When the strip of blue frame is taken out, so will the reflection on the street, which I find very distracting. The n-1 is the guy on the left. In this case the stride did you wrong. It produced an awkward arc of red. The third person coming toward the pair takes away some of the clean simplicity of the image, but not enough for n-2. Enough Sharktank! I think this falls in the category of abstract images and rises above small compositional observations. Well done, Maureen.

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    Somewhat torn with this one. I agree with comment regarding the crop on the RH side.

    My only thought is the tonal range of the bright yellow (the larger RH area only) and the blue that may be cropped. For my eyes, the brightness of both provide a constant tug on my eyes. ‘Slightly' reducing the light/brightness of these two areas may reduce this tension and place more visual weight on the people.  You may also find, that after doing this, you may have to make a slight exposure adjustment ‘overall to the image' as it may seem to dark.

    As for the image itself, I agree with the rest of the comments. Both an interesting and nice image Maureen.

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    Maureen Photograph

    Thanks all for the good ideas.  Here's the new improved product:

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      Kent DuFault

      Stunning. Really! This should be printed LARGE and hanging on a wall. Gallery worthy! (Pssssst – I still like the first version the best.)

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    Nice work on removing the smaller person in the middle. And I can't believe I'm going to say this, but… I may have to agree with Kent…  ack!!!   (Hey, the ST is for negative contents, right?)

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