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    Maureen Photograph

    70mm.  1/500.  F9.  ISO 200.

    Critiques please …. and I'll post it in both color and B&W.

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    Maureen Photograph

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    Tom M

    I like the color better. Even in color, there is enough B&W…


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    The B/W presentation reminds me of the shots of Dresden after Bomber Harris paid a call in WW2. So for me its the color shot simply because I'm not sure what B/W can bring to the table. Color shows the reality B/W appears to make it look like a chaotic mess. Wondering whether a slight enhancement of the red tones would give it some more depth? Its a little two dimensional.

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    Richard Barnard

    Nice shot maureen. Definitely the colour version for me and I would leave as it is. It has much stronger separation and sense of depth and my eye flows naturally around the frame. I find it difficult to get beyond the highlights in the b&w version.

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    Maureen Photograph

    Then color it is, for sure.  I just tweaked it a bit:

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    Roger Wehage

    Either image illustrates why most of the world opposes the United States' embargo against Cuba.

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    definitely color.  the b&w tones are fantastic, but the subject matter works better in color.

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