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    Maureen Photograph

    Here's the next.  By the way feel free to grab and edit my work for the forum.

    30mm, 1/1000, f4.5, ISO 100




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    Love this cos it challenges the viewer. The low angle it seems to be taken from, the fact her feet are cropped off added to the unusual look of the PP works really well for me.

    If you have the skill I would try and remove the orange drink and leave her hands free. She will then look as if she is dancing by lost to the Samba or whatever the music may be around those parts. What I do not like is the color of the sky. The shot looks a bit HDR ish and that flat blue is what HRD software does to skies. I would lighten it.

    Plenty to look at and plenty to enjoy.

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    Maureen Photograph

    Great ideas — yeah the drink had me a little perplexed.  Thanks very much.

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    Graham Hart

    Nice to see a shot from this low angle Maureen. Definitely grabs the attention more. I'm also not averse to chopping feet off, I don't think it matters from this POV.

    I agree about the sky being a bit too blue but I don't mind the drink…I like the little bit of yellow spot colour. If it were mine, the only thing I'd look at is healing out the tiles on the left which break the roof line. Other than that I really like this pic.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Hi Maureen, I like the perspective on this image. The post processing looks a bit too much in the image. Not sure what you think 🙂

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    Hello Maureen, looks like you were in the right place at the right time!

    Great shot and I really enjoy the composition and the sense of movement.

    I agree with Dahlia though, this looks somewhat over-processed to me – I would desaturate it a bit.

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    Rob Eyers

    Hi Maureen. I like the composition and the feel of this image. For me the biggest problems are with colour balance and luminosity. The girl is in the shadow, but she's a bit too dark to reveal the colours and detail that are there. Those pink headphones with the orange shirt for instance would pop with some adjustment. Here's my take on it with some perspective/colour balance/detail enhancement and luminosity adjusting.

    Colour adjustment is a big topic but you may find this article of interest.

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    Kent DuFault

    I rather like this shot just as it is. It reminds me of some of the high-color, semi-abstract images that I used to create back in the 90s with Fuji Velvia film. I think this would look awesome printed HUGE, framed, and hanging in just the room. It has a surreal effect that I find quite visually mesmerizing.

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    Robert Apple

    I , in general am not interested in most shots of people, but having said that this one grabs my attention, The color of the sky doesn't bother me so much but then again I spend a lot of time in high altitudes where the sky is a darker blue due to looking through less haze in the atmosphere. I honestly can't find anything I would change here. It's a photo of a human that got my attention, which for me is saying a lot.

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    Federico Alegria

    Hi there @maureenphoto, thanks for sharing this with us, I do think you have quite a potential for street photos, nevertheless I'll be totally honest with you, overly post-processed images (in terms of saturation, clarity and other settings) looks funny, especially for this street kind of photographs. The trick with post-processing is to to id gently until you start having funny results.

    I know that you could say that this was the intention, and it is fine, as long as you have a consistent body of work and a solid statement that can justify your decisions.

    I made the same mistakes 10 years ago when I started in photography, and I moved quickly away from this overly processed manners because at the end the photo starts looking more like a painting or an illustration, and that is not the point, at least with street photography, a genre linked to approaching reality in some sort of way.

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    Tom M

    I too like this photo a lot. It took me a while getting used to the feet being cut off, but I think I really like it now. I even like the sky, I think that was close to what was seen in that climate. I think what bothers me the most is the whites in her pants, below her butt.I might even crop out the trees on the roof on the right, that's it…

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    Maureen Photograph

    Thanks for your thoughts Federico.  Actually with this photo I'm crossing over from a picture that happened to be taken on the street, into more of a creative/fine art concept.

    Kent — Thanks so much for looking at this!  It's too funny, because in fact I used one of the Nik pre-sets in the “Film – Modern” series.  Not sure if I used the Velvia one exactly, but they're all quite colorful.  I don't generally use the “Film – Modern” but for this picture it really intensified it in the way I wanted, especially bringing out the green.

    Here's the latest version.



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      Kent DuFault

      It's really wonderful. You should print it, frame it, and hang it up. I would!

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    I really like Rob's edits, Maureen, which seem to be replicated/pretty identical to yours.  Am a bit sad that I am too late to comment much, however, I don't think that anyone has mentioned the serendipity of there being *three* green doors, just magic for this!

    Incidentally, when I was about seven years old on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, my first love, from afar, was called Maureen.  Alas, she probably never knew ….  I was pretty shy (in those days).

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    Maureen Photograph

    Mistyisle – yes the three green doors, yes.  And I owe a lot of credit to Rob.  Biggest difference is I kept her shirt more red to be complementary color to the green, thus intensifying the color of each (at least that's the theory) — whereas in his version it's veering into orange territory.

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