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    John Thompson

    I caught this guy going under the bridge (out of frame) in front of one of my favorite places in the Netherlands.  If you look close (excuse the terrible quality of the negative) the guy at the tiller looks about as content as he can be.  Out on the water wearing his shades.   These Dutch boats are very beautifully constructed.

    It has been a lot of work cleaning up these negatives.  I think my ex (plaintiff No. 4) let the dog chew on them before packing. So do not be surprised if I have missed something that should not be there.

    You might think this is old Holland except for the tour boat center left.

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    Kent DuFault

    Lovely. This is what life should be.

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      John Thompson

      I could not agree more Kent.  I found Holland a great place to live and raise children.

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    gorgeous water scene.  i've never felt a need to visit holland, but your old slide images are quickly changing my mind!

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      John Thompson

      LOL I could be part of the Dutch tourist bureau!!  I have lost so many pics through a disk crash and moving back to the states and divorce number 4 at the same time.  I still have many to go through.  I take pics of everything.

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    Erik Fransman

    The skipper makes the image.
    This boat is a Tjalk. They are “Platbodems” which translates to “Flatbottoms”. This is because they do not have a keel, but at each side a Lee Board, a plate or board fixed to the side of a flat-bottomed boat and let down into the water to reduce drift to the leeward side.
    Each summer there are races for these boats in Friesland, called “SKÛTSJESILEN” which is Fries for sailing boats.
    Very spectacular, see this YouTube of 2017:


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      John Thompson

      Thank you Eric for explaining these beautiful boats.  I was pretty sure that was the reason for the side board but wasn't 100% sure.  Just another thing to marvel about the Dutch culture and way of life.

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    Graham Hart

    I love looking at this shot John. It feels like another time when life was a lot simpler. I absolutely thought this was from the 60's era until you pointed out the cruise ship which my mind had decided not to notice. I too want to go to holland now and being a fan of cruising, who knows…one day?  🙂

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      John Thompson

      You should absolutely go my friend.  I think you would have fun.  There are so many cruises to choose from.  Many around Amsterdam.  It does look like an older pic.  I agree about life being simpler then.  Although I am a techy, technology has changed our way of life probably forever.

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