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    Exposure: 1/500 @f/10
    Focal Length: 560mm
    ISO: 800

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    Rob Eyers

    Early morning suggests to me that the light would be soft. I realize many here like high contrast for B&W but in this case I wouldn't go as far as you have Paul. IMO hard contrast doesn't seem to fit with the subject matter.  The vignette seems a bit heavy for my taste too.

    Nice capture and composition.

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    Hello bucweeet, I agree with Rob when it comes to the vignette, I think this image would look softer without vignetting.  I would also like to see the photo in color.

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    Erik Fransman

    Paul, I think the B&W conversion competes with the soft content. It also makes it a bit too mushy. I have the feeling if it is in color you get a better separation between the birds and that might open up the image. (And most likely gets the early morning feeling better across)

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    Richard Barnard

    Little to add that hasn't already been said I'm afraid. I see the vignette before I see the image and the contrast feels too harsh and not in keeping with the aesthetic of your title.  I think the overlap with the bird behind is unfortunate and would like to see cleaner separation from the background. I also question your choice of b&w over colour here as I feel the early morning light would be better illustrated with a colour edit.

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    Here is the original (unedited), and as one can see, there are plenty of options for post-production (PP). It's as I quite often say, there a few options within this image to make others; from cropping choices to PP techniques.  Thanx for your thoughts.


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    Rob Eyers

    I like the colour suggestion too. Maybe something like this.


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      Thanx Rob.  I did try a couple of these and also a crop of just the parent and baby (about half body).  If I wasn't so lazy, I would have tried a crop of the bird on the RH side but with the cloning req'd for the tail feathers, I just never got around to it.

      My originally posted image was a B&W that I recently added SilverFX processing to in an attempt to ‘cover a wider palette' of B&W.  The hardest part to get right was removing the ‘ring' around the parent's beak (that was caused by a background highlight).


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    Robert Apple

    I believe the title fits the image and would go that direction, the black and white conversion isn't such a bad Idea but I would add a colorization layer for some “morning Light”, With that because of the subject matter and the soft feathers brightening it up a bit doesn't hurt and also a vinaigrette isn't such a bad idea, but brightening it up versus darkening it seems to fit better. I would soften the edges even further with a little targeted blur.

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    Thanx Robert.  I like this one.

    I had tried to use a ‘color layer' on the posted image but I was using what I was hoping was a ‘sunset orange' – but I couldn't get the effect I was looking for.  Your version works much better.

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