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    If the intent was to add a caption to it either for advertising or a joke website then you need more negative space so that the words can go somewhere.

    The guys shirt needs to be a contrasting colour to the sky I suggest red as it will pull the colours from the camera out nicely.

    A picture like this was created for a reason rather than a happy accident so what is your message?

    I love my new camera so much I feel inadequate next to its mighty power?

    My love for cameras has enveloped my life?

    Photography is a bigger concept than one man alone?

    I think my point is that a picture has a subject and/or a message and the ones that don't portray that either need more work to bring it out or require a rethink and starting again.

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    Hi, @srink, please refer to Shark Tank rules, and write a few words about how you took the shot, and what you are looking to improve? thanks….

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    hello @tersha , i took the shot of camera with a green screen , and again the kneeling posture of mine infront of a green screen. the background consists of two different shots, the cloud belong to one shot whilst the grass land belongs to another one, i just manipulated to get this final image

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    @jimeuph1 actually this is my new camera, i have waited long enough to get this one , nearly an year so it was very special one, bigger than many things in this world , that was the message i tried to convey. and thanks for the comment will correct my mistakes:)

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    i think the man on the camera should have been giving more shadow to add some sense of depth, and an appearance that he was actually on the camera

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    I agree with the technical aspects above. The problem for me, and this is less about the photo than it is about one viewer, is that the sentiment of the photograph does nothing for me. There is nothing you can do about that with this shot, at least not that I can think of.

    On the more constructive side, if I think of the shot without you on it, I don't think the composition has much to offer- necessary for your concept perhaps, but ultimately the main thing in the frame of this photo is the camera and a different composition might have worked better. More negative space, a bit of an angle to the long axis of the lens, something like that.

    As to the message – maybe with the figure standing at the end of the lens rather than on top – pointing away from the camera to the unseen, or riding the very top like a horse, or a rodeo bull rider. A message more about going forward into the wild unknown to take exciting pictures. Kissing an inanimate object suggests all that matters is to have good gear, not necessarily to take good pictures (the sentiment I was talking about).

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    well thanks for the review 🙂
    now i can see the other perspective, will improve after this

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