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    GX8 f4.5 iso 400 1.125th


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    Rob Eyers

    Your rules Rob (critical but constructive) so hard to comment, except to say …maybe a touch more depth of field would have been nice. How much cropping did you do?

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    Maureen Photograph

    Here's my take — cropped and a targeted Levels adjustment.  I like the diagonal depth of field on the leaf he's sitting on.

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    Rob I know zero about macro photography but it looks good to me. Maureens crop makes it even better.

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    This is great. It's hard to make eye contact with a fly. I tried once she stung me.

    I know zero about macro, so take this with a grain of salt, but the transition from sharp to bokeh (and I like the diagonal, too) seems strange to me, and the bokeh seems noisy for the shutter speed.

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    Tom M

    Nice Rob. I love the color and DOF. I think it has just enough DOF…


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    Oooh, I really like @maureenphoto”s edit. Thanks all!

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