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    harrisroad-valmeyer.jpg by caimi on Light Stalking

    This is a rural scenic taken along the Mississippi River bottoms in southern Illinois. I believe it depicts an aspect of farm life that is often overlooked: isolation in a larger universe. I would like aesthetic critiques of this image rather than technical ones. Please don't tell me to crop this or that. Tell me if the picture makes you feel or remember or see something you haven't seen before. And if it does none of those things tell me why. Thanks.

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    Walter Lustig

    From my POV, I feel that the colours are a bit too dark and there seems to be a magenta cast which is very obvious in that dirt road.

    I would lighten the greens, yellows and possibly the blues to add more light to the image. I tried it in LR but the version is really small.

    Perhaps this is not what you wanted to hear but I can't say that it shows me something I haven't seen before which I would not see as a requirement for a good photo.

    I have no problem with the crop, perhaps with the frame but you probably know this gripe of mine by now …

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    Andy Castillo

    This image definitely needs color correction and to be brightened up- as the above post states. I also feel that an object of interest such as a car kicking up dust as it careens into the vantage point would greatly enhance the mood. As it stands now, I find the image a tad boring.

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    @caimi, I am not sure you CAN separate the technical from the feeling and message of a photo, and how well such are communicated.

    This image feels muddy and unclear due to the lack of brightness, and that detracts from the messages you are trying to deliver. (For other messages or in other contexts it might make a photo work).

    I think the sky is too busy to feel really desolate – the wrong kind of clouds and too many of them. Something wispy and stretching thin into invisibility here and there might work better.

    The distance does not look all that lonely; for me each of those clumps of trees represents a settlement or a building or other human activity, and there are lots of them.

    I do like the way the crop lines and the road intersect towards the distance, but they are pretty hard to discern in this exposure/treatment and there effect is consequently muted. If more visible might contribute to the message you want to convey as they carry the viewer into the distance.

    I have to agree with @fidelito that there is nothing in this photo that I have not seen before. I get more from your words than from the picture. However, you have what many photographers seem to lack, which is a pretty explicit idea that you want to convey. If you pursue that idea, and control the technical side, you could make some very interesting photographs.

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    Some of the technical changes made. Same image. Sorry, can't add a car . The object of interest is already there. fidelito your observations are always valuable but I can't understand your fear of borders.

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    Here's another example on the same theme. Click for larger, clearer image.

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    Walter Lustig

    Oh, It is really not a fear, I simply consider them embellishments a photo has to stand up on its own without. Especially these straight borders cry “amateur” as I hardly ever see pros using them, but it is everybody's choice to use one or not … I just try to live without mostly …

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    I confess to not being too concerned with what the pros use or don't use. That's their business. I'm not a pro. My pictures stand on their own merit within the confines of a thin, black border.
    But you must really cringe, fidelito, when you see a rough border.

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    Like the composition…it`s classical no hard jolt breaking the rules…..
    would have loved to see some human /animal/cart on the dirt road which would have added to the picture.Others have said about the color cast and all that….
    Overall does n`t evoke strong emotions… but a nice picture

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    Tom Beecroft

    To me, pictures that evoke isolation in a larger universe have a clear subject in a vast and isolated context. A photo of the ‘larger universe' on its own is a landscape or nice scenery but doesn't evoke isolation. Neither of your shots evoked that feeling in me. I did a quick search of Getty Images and Google Images for isolation, and while most of those shots didn't evoke that feeling either, there are some that I think did manage to convey what you're after. A similar search of your own might be helpful to you.

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