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    Robert Apple

    Our little Girl, Molly Bee, at a full run in the snow.


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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Love this image Robert. Beautiful photo of Molly and I like the high key effect it has 🙂

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    A great subject for high key photography 🙂

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    John Thompson

    Great shot Robert.  As I have said many times “The more people I meet the more I like my dogs!”.  This photo shows how much we love our pets.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks John, I tend to prefer animals to people in general, they don't tend to have personal agendas and I have never known one to lie.

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    Federico Alegria

    Molly is beautiful Robert, thanks for sharing her.

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    Graham Hart

    Nice one. I know its a high key treatment but still, it makes me think about how life is somehow aware of it's surrounds. The science of camouflage. Why aren't polar bears black type of thing. Molly looks like she belongs there.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks Graham, and you are more right then perhaps you know, she is white and light tan and the scene was of course white snow but with light tan dry grass, almost exactly the same color as her sticking up through the snow in places, top it off with flat light from a cloudy overcast day and she almost disappeared when she layed in the snow.

      Made the perfect storm for a high key image.

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    Stephen Campbell

    Very nice image that tells a wonderful story of your Molly. The high-key treatment is purposeful and well executed.

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    a very pretty girl!

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    Well conceived, great job in post. Really looks like a drawing.

    I'm curious: did you take the shot, then think of the high key approach, or did you have that in mind all along?

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    Robert Apple

    Thanks Allen, I actually took a couple shots of her in normal mode and after looking at them on the LCD screen switched over to High Key and shot some in that mode, I touched it up slightly in camera raw.So I didn't start out with that in mind but I did recognize the potential mid shoot.

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    Oh Robert!!…………………im at least as pleased as vu!!

    just fantastic man………….should be displayed on several walls 🙂

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    Roger Wehage

    Must be something wrong with my eyes because I'm having a hard time seeing very much in this image. Getting too old I guess.

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      Robert Apple

      Maybe the contrast on your screen is too high or it is too bright, Its definately much harder to see on my business computer which has a Samsung High Contrast Magic Bright Screen on it.

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