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    Across the River Mersey.

    ISO 125, F/9, 1/800 FL 60mm on a 18.0 to lens

    Pickering Pastures-3<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi Davidc, The tone works well for me but I find the image a bit empty.
    Luckily you posted it via Flickr. In Flickr I zoomed in (1x click) and closer, suddenly the image comes alive for me.
    I would crop some. Lose the reflection of the loud in the water in the foreground, lose most of the blue sky above the clouds, crop out the land on the right that goes higher and heal a white spot on the left (on the land). I would also clone out the birds in the water. Makes the whole image more a unity.


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      Thanks Erik. I will clean and crop it up and see what its like printed.

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      Hi Erik. Cropped it down and cleaned it up looks good as a panoramic. Are there any ratio sizes for panoramic to start with or is it just all down to what people like.

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    Kent DuFault

    I like it. I like the color. I also love the austere view- it gives it mood. Something that I would do, if it were my image, would be to create some subtle post-production editing that would drive a viewer's eyes back toward the smokestack, building, and the last 5 wind generators, as this is where I believe the eyes journey through the picture should end. I think that was your intention as well. As you've presented it… It still works, but it's a bit weak. The visual weight is too evenly spread around the frame, and is a little heavy at the top. I would probably lighten that area (smokestacks, windmill area) so that the brightest highlights are located in that spot. I would probably try to create some darker shadows right there as well. I would definitely darken the upper third of the frame- the sky and clouds, as right now this area is quite dominant, and it pulls the eyes upward. After all of that, I might experiment with a vignette to push the eyes inward. I get fussy about this stuff. Even as it is… I still like it a lot.

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      Thanks Kent. I will have a go at this at the weekend and repost it. Great suggestions thanks.

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    Adjusted with vignette and slightly darker.

    Pickering Pastures with shadow<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

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