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    Catarina Nordeste

    This was my first attempt at light painting. After reading some articles on the subject i took advantage of my insomnia to try this. I was trying to create swirls/waves, in a general way, not trying to get a specific image on this one.
    What do you think it can be improved?!
    The EXIF: 30,0 sec at f/25, ISO 100 40mm

    Ligh Painting by Catarina Nordeste on Light Stalking

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    Catarina Nordeste
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    Paul Shenenberger

    Great first attempt. This is definitely on my list of things to try, so I don't claim any current expertise. Love the black background, if you attempt was abstract, I think you achieved it very well.

    I think having another color in your other hand at a lower intensity might have added an additional splash of color. Yielding more color.

    The completely negative space in the upper right hand corner looks a little out of place since everywhere else has at least something going on. Not sure if more negative space around the rest of the image would help balance.

    I do like the shot overall and think the contrast and glow is perfect.

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