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    Donald Crais

    St Joseph's Church NOLA by Donald Crais on Light Stalking

    St Joseph's Church in mid-town New Orleans. Between 150 – 200 years old. Lots of good light and old wood. Tried to shoot that day from a more intimate and different POV. On a tripod, no flash, approx. 2 sec exposure, f/16, ISO 100. Post-processed with nik.

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    Walter Lustig

    Could we see the high-res version, please?

    1. The lighting fixture is not exactly centred which I think in a shot like this it should be … I mean from left to right.

    2. The light areas of those windows(?) towards the top seem muddy and interfere with the warm light feeling you are trying to create/convey.

    3. In case you cropped on the bottom, I would leave 3-5mm more space but this is just sth I would try if possible.

    I think the out-of-centre and the muddiness bother me the most …

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    Interesting perspective in that it may match that of every viewer of this fixture. It's asymmetric inclusion of the pillar at the left matches the seeming asymmetry of the windows above. There seems to be vignette added in post process which is a little heavy at the bottom but looks natural at the top.

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    Tim Pinckard

    In studying this shot, I feel that I am falling back and to the right. For me it is a little too much of a close upward shot. Sorry it just does not feel good to me.

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    Mary Tuggle

    I think the light fixture is centered, the asymmetry above gives the illusion of the fixture not being centered. I think I would crop just below the high windows. Would have to see it to know if it works.

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    Ken Thomson

    I've taken many photos of fixtures, wall sconces, paintings from this very angle – always wishing, “Gee, I wish I had a step ladder!” This seems to be one of those moments – if you have easy access to this Church, and they will let you, ask if you can carry in a small stepladder. I know the feeling of finding something so attractive, and wanting the shot even though you know it's not the best angle, so you shoot anyway. But to what end? There are nice textures in the wood, but a better angle and cropping.

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    I like this shot, but I would try cropping it at or just above the brighter wood – lose the darker lattice and windows, that would keep my eye more on the fixture and less groping around up by the windows looking for something that is not there.

    It looks to me like part of the light (the circle where it joins the wall) is off-centre, and the higher parts are better centered. This is a bit disorienting, makes me want to twist my head. I think a touch of straightening on the vertical might fix that problem.

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    Paul Gass

    I like it but I also would crop off the top 1/5th of the picture, down to the wood. Also cut down the bright highlights of the photo to cut down on the light reflecting off the wood. Nice shot though.

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    Suheil unneen

    The uppermost portion of the image is distracting

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