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    Rob Eyers

    I know, I know…another sunset. We had a great little place, perched on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific, and I just couldn't help myself.

    Ojochal Sunset, Costa Rica

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    Well, you'd have to, wouldn't you! Beautiful and dramatic Rob.

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    Dave Watkins

    Nice shot of a gorgeous sky Rob. “Another” sunset? That's just fine with me. πŸ™‚

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    John Thompson

    Very nice Rob. It looks like a great place to spend time

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    beautiful colors in the sky!

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    Roger Wehage

    Red sun at night, sailors' delight. I can just imagine sitting out there and watching the colors changing by the minute.

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    Tom M

    I don't think there's too many of us who get sick of shots like this Rob…


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    Rob Eyers

    Diane, Dave, John, Beth, Roger, and Tom… thank you for your kind words.

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    Graham Hart

    I can taste the margarita. Wish I was there. Fabulous colours Rob.

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      Rob Eyers

      Thanks Graham.

      For years I had a 16 foot Hobie Cat with a Tequila Sunrise sail and the colours in this one remind me of it. Maybe the drink should be a Tequila Sunrise? πŸ™‚

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        Graham Hart

        On another note Rob, your pic really points out the necessity to ‘click for bigger' when viewing posts here. On first look, my thoughts on your pic were that the foreground (bottom fifth of the pic) could have been cropped completely because it looks almost pure black on my monitor. After clicking for bigger, suddenly all the lush greenery appears in its full glory.

        Note to admin:Β Is this because of;

        • reduced file sizes when posting to Lightstalkers?
        • file compression (large to small) causing loss of detail?
        • monitor settings on my monitor?

        It doesn't seem to happen on all posts but that could be because of the subject matter itself I guess? Darker regions of a pic tend to get darker when reduced in size?

        Solution…always ‘click for bigger' to see full detail! πŸ™‚

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    This is very beautiful Rob. So many hues, layered on top of each other and I like the drama the dramatic clouds create πŸ™‚

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    Robert Apple

    When we start ignoring the beauty in a sunset we have forgotten what a gift life is , great shot Rob.

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