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    Graham Hart

    I met a bloke recently who is selling off all his old camera gear. Cameras, lenses, developing equipment, enlarger etc. I ended up buying his studio lighting stuff including strobes, stands, light screens etc. I took a quick snap of a couple of his cameras to see if anyone knew their worth. I think he wants about $1500AU for the Mamiya RB67 but no idea what the Zenza Bronica is worth. Too much for my budget ayway 🙂

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    John Thompson

    Graham do a search on eBay of the equipment you want to price.  I use eBay and Amazon to price check things I am interested in.  I have found Amazons prices on some things cheaper that Sam's Club.

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks John will do.

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      Graham Hart

      Did an eBay check and the Mamiya he expects to get $1500 for was on eBay for $400!

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        Kent DuFault

        I thought that seemed quite high for a very old model film camera. Back in the day, the Bronica was the “poor man's” Hasselblad. Certainly not a bad camera… but not built to the same level as the Hasselblad.

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    What did you end up getting @diripics?

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      Graham Hart

      I think I may have paid above the going rate but too late now. I ended up with;

      • 2 x inca 101ST Aluminium light stands.
      • 2 x Flash Studio SLS-3001ML studio strobes with sync cable. (1/4, 1/2, full switch)
      • 1 x SLS-3000C studio strobe (1/4, 1/2, full switch)
      • 1 x small lastolite grey/white reflector
      • 1 x TB-200/U tilt bracket w/umbrella holder
      • 1 x SB-300M soft box (30cm x 30cm)


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        Dahlia Ambrose

        Graham, are you setting up a studio at home?

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          Graham Hart

          Its a long term plan but yes Dahlia. I really want to do some portrait photography but probably won't happen for a while. Just stockpiling equipment for now. Too many projects and so little time at the moment.

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