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    Portrait on an 85mm 1.8 D810 at f4 and iso 800.

    Removed some background distractions in post.

    Kip at 2 years 9 months

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    Robert Apple

    The poor little bugger looks like you Rob. 🐍

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    Tom M

    He's a cutie…


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    Rob it a technically sound picture of a child that his mother will adore. Problem is for me its cute as someone has already mentioned and nothing else. A portrait should surely tell us something about the subject even if its a child. So if you were after taking a portrait the family will love its a success if you wanted to capture the soul and essence of this young man maybe you failed.

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    Maureen Photograph

    The lighting although soft isn't the best because it's mostly from above and so the top of the cheeks are too light and around the mouth and chin it's too dark, giving a dirty face effect — actually his face is dirty which is fine, but the lighting shouldn't look dirty.  If a raw file it could be doctored up in PS pretty well.  Here's my quick adjustment:

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    Harsh but fair!

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    Rob mate lets hope that harsh but fair becomes the norm and leaves the saccharin coated matey comments a long way behind.

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      Rob Eyers

      I get where you're coming from Billy but personally I think “you get more bears with honey”.  Curmudgeons are generally avoided around my neck of the woods. Your mileage may differ. 😉

      I hope that's cruel but fair.

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        Fair equates with straight forward honesty rather than cruelty mate.

        You keep feeding those bears honey and they lose the need or desire to hunt for better pastures. They grow big fat lazy belly's rather than feeling they should in fact learn how to be a brighter bear.

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    Federico Alegria

    Nice t-shirt!

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    Erik Fransman

    Rob, if you crop the image, you get closer to Kip. His look gets stronger.

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    Maureen Photograph

    I find it weaker without the toys because it removes the environmental element. On the other hand I'd rather the toys weren't so colorful; I'd like to see a pile of sand and a wooden truck for color harmony and less distraction.

    I don't do many portraits but I've found that “open shade” provides great light … what I mean by “open shade” is a structure overhead blocking the light, and most light entering from the front. My garage makes a great portrait studio (except for the background); I open the garage door and place the subject a few feet inside, facing toward outside, and I stand outside. Here's an example (although it was taken at a school in Cuba, not in my garage … I was standing outside in the street, and the large window was open and screenless … not a setting you'd often find in the First World!).

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