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    Kent DuFault

    This week our Guest Judge was Robert Apple.

    In my endeavor as guest judge for this week's POTW photo, there was one photo that jumped out and shook me for the week, and that was Beth's, AKA @loki, Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse.

    The leading lines to the subject are everywhere, from the walkway to the horizon, to the clouds with a bright line coming down from the corner on the left to a dark line coming from the right.

    Red in a photo is always a draw to the eye, and the roof doesn't disappoint, and it contrasts well with the white of the walls.

    The reflective surfaces of the water, walkway ,and roof all convey the wetness of the scene and are captured perfectly, and the backdrop of the ominous stormy sky has just the right tone and depth to set the mood, without commanding your attention away from the subject.

    The symmetry of the scene is pleasing to the eye as well, and it works perfectly for the centered crop, as well as the perspective looking down the walkway.

    The added bonus of the general spooky mood of this scene is its tie to the area where this photo was taken, Roanoke being considered one of the most Haunted areas in the United States- with ties to the vicious Pirate Blackbeard , and the 115 English men, women, and children who settled the coast in 1587, only to vanish without a trace in what became known as the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

    Great job Beth, and thanks for posting this wonderful Photo.

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    John Thompson

    So very well done Beth.  Congrats!

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Awesome photo. Congratulations on POTW Beth 🙂

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    Tom M

    Loved the mood of this photo from the moment I saw it. Congratulations Beth…


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    Dave Watkins

    Congratulations. What a wonderful image.  I also think that the white dingy, as small as it is, adds to the over all impact of the shot.

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    Bruce Gordon

    Congrats Beth! Well deserved recognition for a very well executed photograph. Well done!

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    Rob Eyers

    Congratulations Beth. Very nicely done!

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    Congrats Beth on POTW! I missed this before, glad I've seen it now, great shot!

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    Congrats on POTW Beth. Fabulous shot – the tones are great and it has a moody, mysterious feel.

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    thanks everyone!  this really made my day.

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    Graham Hart

    Loved it the moment I saw it. Has that quality of something real and tangible just the other side of the computer monitor. Tack sharp and smothered in mood. Congratulations Beth.

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    Gabriel de la Rosa

    This is a wonderful photo. Congratulations!!

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    Ann Braun Wheatley

    Quite a mysterious mood, looks welcoming and ominous at the same time. Well done Beth!

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    Erik Fransman

    I have looked at images of the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse and yours stand out. Well done and congratulations!

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    Wonderful mood, really like the black water too, makes the image that much more haunting. Well deserved

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    Congratulations on POTW Beth! Well deserved

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    chris pook

    Love this, a great choice.  Such an evocative image.

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    Anne Hornsby

    Congratulations, Beth.   I feel the storm coming on…

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