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    Kent DuFault

    Hanging out to dry in the rainforest

    This was the week of awesome wild and domestic animal photos. Cindy Mulvihill pulled a fast one on me, because she uploaded a beautiful, and quite artistic, shot of a screech owl at rest in the knoll of a tree. I say, “Pulled a fast one”, because I try not to give the POTW to the same person two weeks in a row. You know… spread the love around. But… it was really tempting; her shot is quite exquisite. Tobie has been uploading some amazing lion pictures. However, I happen to know that he is on safari, and I'm going to cling onto his POTW, (that I already know that he is going to win at some point), until he comes home and reveals everything. So, that brings me to Erik and Elin. Erik uploaded a cat portrait that is a real winner, an award winner really, because it is such an unusual pose for a cat, that is (additionally) captured in ideal lighting. As a cat lover, I personally cannot stop looking at it. But, in the end, I gave the edge to Elin, because her shot of the toucan is also quite unusual, and it probably has more universal appeal to all of the Lightstalkers that will look at it. I also have a real affinity for well done Minimalism. That doesn't take anything away from Erik's picture (or the others). I think they are all amazing. I'll post links to all the mentioned photos below. Congrats to Elin.

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    Kent DuFault
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    Kent DuFault

    @tersha or @admin – links don't seem to be working. I don't know why. Also, the POTW in the sidebar, on only the forums list page, isn't updating. The photo that appears there is from 2 or 3 weeks ago. Yet, the correct one appears on all of the other forum pages. Weird stuff.

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    It sounds like I've missed out on a few great shots during my ‘out of contact' time Kent!

    This is certainly one of the world's most beautiful birds the world has to offer! Well done Elin and great choice Kent!

    Well done to all of the other mentions too! Specially love the owl but I'm totally biased towards nature shots! 😉

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    Erik Fransman

    Perfectly deserved, great picture Elin.
    Kent, thanks for the mention and the kind words.

    The links do not open, but you can copy/paste them. Just select the link and paste in the browser. That works.

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    Rob Eyers

    I’ve enjoyed all of the images that Kent has mentioned. Congratulations to you Elin for POTW and to all the honourable mentions as well.

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    Wonderful shot Elin, congrats on POTW!
    And I love all the other images that Kent mentioned, difficult week for choosing Kent! 🙂

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    All these are awesome images. Congratulations on POTW Elin 🙂

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    Cindy Mulvihill

    Great photo Elin, congrats on POTW.

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    Congratulations @elinl on POTW! Well deserved!  A lot of Amazing Shots this week!

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    Thank you for choosing my image Kent, actually it was a pleasant surprise.
    How did you know it was my birthday ?
    Joke !
    But it was and it felt like a big birthday present 🙂

    Cindy´s owl image is simply gorgeous, I keep coming back to it.
    Tobie´s lions are magnificent – so it´s just to wait for more.
    Erik´s cat is a treat for us cat lovers.

    Thank you Rob, Diane, Cindy, Frog, Erik, Dahlia and Tobie for kind comments.

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    @kent @tersha – The link issue should be fixed now!

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      Erik Fransman

      Admin, dou you mean with new posts? Because in this one it is not fixed yet.
      Thanks for working on it anyway. Thanks for keeping the site in good shape!

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      The links above aren't working for me…. 🙁

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    Clear your cache folks, they're working from here (and presumably for the coders in the US who fixed them).

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      Erik Fransman

      In most browsers, you can clear the cache from the Privacy or History area in the Settings or Options menu, depending on the browser, of course. Ctrl+Shift+Del works with most browsers as well.

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    got a couple of probs with this image….to much blue,lack of detail in the shadows,more colour in the colour…oops thats 3.also background wishywashy sort of dull……………….but you know I love the compo….image has strength……deserved congrats!! 🙂

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