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    Lab Tank by Ehpem on Light Stalking

    24mm/f2.8 lens, ISO800, ~f5.6 (adapted vintage lens does not record aperture to EXIF), 1/250th.

    This tank at a marine research station often holds the local shark (‘dogfish'), so I thought it a perfect submission for this forum.
    This was taken during a nostalgic visit to labs with my dad who, after more than 50 years of annual visits to do his research is calling it quits. I spent most of my childhood summers at this place, and visited often since then. I was trying to capture memories from all those times past, and take pictures of my dad in his element for the times ahead when he no longer is there.

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    I don't know why that did not load larger – my first upload to Lightstalking. A larger version can be seen here:

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    Shark tank in the shark tank is so post modern!! 😉

    I find the visual mass of the window light quite distracting – not sure if you want me to look outside or at the tank or at the guy standing there. Where are you trying to draw my eye?

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    Walter Lustig

    I would try to bring a bit more light into his face and also his body to separate him from the background.

    I would also crop from the top and the right which would make the scene more intimate focussing on him and the tank. To illustrate what I mean, I would crop from the top just to where it says Quarantine Room, even cutting some of the QUA off as it can still be read, and from the right all the way to that doorframe next to his left arm, so that dark doorframe would be the end of the image on the right.

    This will also bring the reflection and the reflected part of the window and door visually closer together.

    Can we get a shark into that tank?

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    @admin Thanks for the comment. This is perhaps where the nostalgia over rides the good photography. For me the view out and in are equally important in my memories – the setting of working in a place like this with a view like that. But, I think you are right.
    @fidelto has cropping suggestions that might satisfy your comment to some degree, I am going to try to upload a new one in response to him.

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    @fidelito – thanks for the suggestions. I have tried all of them. The only fail was getting a shark in the tank – I tried a circling dorsal fin along the edge of the tank just with a bit of dodging (my most sophisticated editing tool is LR4, so options are limited), but it was not convincing. I think your suggested crops were useful. I could not get much out of the face as the version I am working with has little left in the shadows.

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    @fidlito @admin I see that the way the image displays here that it is further cropped. If you click on it you will find the full image, as newly cropped. And, I should have said that I think these cropping suggestions worked out well.

    If someone wants to add a shark and throw a revised version back into this ‘shark tank' thread, then feel free. Although perhaps an invisible shark, lurking behind the reflection of clouds, is even more correctly post-modern than an in-you-face fin, or row of teeth, would be. 🙂

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