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    Tom M

    After seeing a photo from X on the ST, it reminded me of a photo I have of my grandson playing soccer. So I submit this for review and critique…

    Nikon D7000.Nikkor [email protected],1/[email protected]/9.5,ISO 2000

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    My first thoughts as an English guy who lives breathes and can talk FOOTBALL all day is the opposing team need a new goalkeeper. Why is he not covering that corner of the net?

    Re the fota Tom I tend to like these blurred action shots but this one may be just a little overdone. Its a very personal choice for sure with a dollop of luck added to get it right but a slightly faster shutter speed could have resulted in my ideal shot.

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    Richard Barnard

    I agree with Billyspad on this one. 1/10th feels a little too slow to capture the action here with the result that the image appears too blurry and my eye darts around the frame seeking a spot to rest. Great memory of your grandson playing football but perhaps has less impact and meaning for those outside of the family.

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    Kent DuFault

    I like it Tom. It is easy to discern what the activity was. It has nice color with a real visual draw to the boy in the middle. There is a real energy to this static shot. The level of blur in the panning may appeal to some and not to others. It appeals to me.

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    Tom M

    Thanks Billy,Richard and Kent. I know it's kind of uncustomary to blur ans entire image, but this was an accident, but, rules are made to broken, so there you go…


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    Maureen Photograph

    I agree with Kent, I like it.

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    Dave Watkins

    I don't mind the blur showing action. I'm thinking there is just too much wasted space here Tom. On all four sides. To me the kids chasing the ball is the focal point of the image. They should fill the frame.

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    Tom M

    I agree, a goalie would have made this photo more interesting, but they were only 6 year olds, and he probably fell down outside frame or something. 🙂 I kinda like the colors in the bg, and I don't think a tighter crop would help too much…


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