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    nina edminson

    The Passage by nina edminson on Light Stalking

    Av priority, F11, 1/15 sec, 17mm. Added a little contrast to stonework and adjusted contrast to wooden rafter in PS

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    Walter Lustig

    I really can't see the sharpness from this small version which I would consider essential in this shot.

    Tripod or hand held?

    I feel that the image is somewhat boring … I know that this is a rather general statement but it would be my first impression … What was your intention to convey when you took the photo and why did you choose it for critique … Why this one in particular, what are you looking for?

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    nina edminson

    It was a hand held shot. I was interested in the texture of the cobbles, the differing light as well as some curiosity as to where the passage led

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    Walter Lustig

    If you are hand holding 1/15 you are really asking for trouble (out of focus shots). Why not raise the ISO, whose setting you are not mentioning, BTW.

    I can also see a colour cast … greenish, I would say …

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    I like the composition very much but it does look a little soft. It's not always easy to carry a tripod but on many modern digitals higher iso is possible to increase your shutter speed. And f11 may not have been necessary to get all of this in sharp focus either .

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    There is a bit of grass or moss on the lower left cobbles and the big grey patch next to the first door… I feel that those elements are very distracting and can be removed very easily…

    Not convinced by the middle shadow section, I know it was the natural lighting, but maybe see if lightening that middle section helps at all?

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    Sarah Ernst

    First of all I see what it is in this location that prompted you to shoot it…I would have also… need something or someone alive in it…could you have waited for something to pass thru? Could you have set a model up ? I agree with Fidelito; it is boring as is. Handholding at 1/15 of a second is not a good idea, even if you are using a 17mm lens..there will be shake. I think also that you could have gotten by with an f/8. This image needs some high pass sharpening along w/some other processing. I really like the light at the end of the passageway and, I think, that if you are shooting this type of image, you are really trying to learn how to push your envelope…your eyes are seeing the possibilities but now make the possibilities happen and show it in your image. Take the next step.

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    I think f8 on 17mm lens would be more than enough depth of field if you focus on the right place. That would have given you 1/30th which should be enough for that lens. I see a bit of a greenish caste, which might be my monitor I suppose, but is a bit distracting. I think this photo needs a dog on a mission somewhere else, but I would probably have settled for the shadow of a person or even a cat at the far end, cast upon the wall. Something to add a little more interest. I too would have shot this location, and I probably would have done it just the way you did and regretted the lack of something more later on.
    You might try a black and white conversion – it could bring out the textures and the light in a way that these colours might not allow.

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