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    Mariah Gauthier

    Trajinera ride in Xochimilco outside of CDMX. I know the coloring is pretty intense and dark feeling— but I like the mood of it. I’m struggling with the crop. Part of me likes being able to see the other boats, but am I missing out by not cropping in on our driver?

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    Find the original a little too busy so an idea for a crop. As a further suggestion I would lighten the driver which helps to make him the star of the show. I left this to you because you said you liked the dark look.

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    Gary Zerbst

    Mariah,  I too am  unsure what to make of your photo.  You have the makings of two very different photos here.

    If your story is about the boat ride, then your original crop is probably not wide enough to capture the boat in it's environment. You say the you want to be able to see the other boats but I don't see the other boats as boats . I see a jumble of detail.   But this seems like it might be one of those photos that does not translate well from 3d real life to a 2d representation.

    If the story is about the boat “driver”  then Billy's crop is about right with enough around him to set the scene,  but then the driver (only the driver) should be masked, dodged and have contrast and sharpness  enhanced to attract more attention to him.   Red is such a powerful color that the signs overpower the figure of the driver.  Perhaps you could find a way to “dumb down” the red ?    Might this have been a good place for a modest fill flash?

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    Federico Alegria

    Hi there @mahryeuh, This is quite a nice action, but unfortunately the background is getting away a lot of the attention. Is by there any chance that you have another shot with a cleaner (even emptier) background?

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