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    Simon Cordingley

    Hi there everyone,

    I'm more of a Shark Tank guy and this is my first post here. I have a question and was wondering if there are any professional or decent amateur photographers in here who can help me.

    I'm in the process of getting a website created, as I'm one of those people who hope to at least cover the cost of his hobby and hopefully a bit more. My main question is what is a good size to display my images at, so clients can get a decent idea of the image but won't slow the site down or leave me open to blatant theft?

    It seems to me 1024px on the long side is still a bit small and the images can be a bit low in resolution when enlarged.

    Of course then there's the perennial pricing question. That might have to be a different post though as I'm wanting to use a printer/framer, and I'm finding the size, frame and paper options quite bewildering!

    Even if you could point me to a good website that'd be great. Thanks so much!

    Si 🙂

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    I talk to the guys from fairly regularly and they have some incredible ideas that they will be doing, that will help their photographers a lot and that they won't let me talk about. But you should join them.

    1024 is fine.

    And I will be frank with you. You WISH people were stealing your photos. That means they know who you are and what you do. Also, the people who steal are NEVER going to be your clients. But they can be part of your marketing mix if you are clever (study what Trey Ratcliff does and ignore the ridiculous online chatter about him – his business model kicks ass and has made him quite wealthy).

    As for price (and assuming you actually want to make this a serious income rather than a hobby income). Go high or go home. You are a luxury product. 🙂

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    Simon Cordingley

    Thanks @admin, I'll definitely chase them up.

    Yes, very true on the theft side of things. I was having that chat the other day with my sister, who's doing the website and we actually agreed we'll never stop theft, if people want it enough. I don't really care about them though. It's the honest, potential clients I'm really after. I think I might even also have a small portfolio of creative commons pics for people to use.

    As for pricing, yes, I was thinking higher, rather than lower. I imagine it's perceived value in the art market, which for me, is the only one I'm ever going to be interested in growing in.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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    P Marione

    1024 px seems a good size but not more than 850 px in height.
    Don't forget that more and more people are using mobiles and tablets, so don't forget to adapt your website for these OS –> try not to use Flash which is rapidly dying. Use HTML5, Jquery and CSS.

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    P Marione

    Here is the website of a friend who makes a living from his pictures : Stephen Sack. I think he simply uses slideshows from Bridge or LR.
    But he also works a lot meeting people of museum, planning exhibitions, meeting editors and gallery owners.

    Here are 2 other addresses : galerie Devillez and Tribal Collection that I have done, very simple (and cheap) but effective I think, at least is business is working.

    For the pricing here in Brussels, the prices are around 150 euros for a 30×40 (out of 10) with no framing for a photographer who has not a name (yet).

    Hope this can help you and I wish you a lot of success, you have talent.

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