Who Farted?

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    Graham Hart

    My dear old dog Maggie. She's 15 this year and flatulence is her main pastime.

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    lol!!   Her face says it all   🙂

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    Robert Apple

    Reminds me of a Joke.

    A young man was going to meet his sweethearts parents for the first time and to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

    After sharing dinner with the family they were sitting around the table having coffee, he was very nervous and his upset stomach was giving him a case of gas.

    It so happened that the family dog, Jake, was laying under his chair.

    As her father talked on and on the young man felt the need to fart and not wanting to interrupt and excuse himself, the perssure grew.

    He moved in the chair and accidentally let one go, the father paused, looked towards him and yelled at the dog, “JAKE !”

    The young man, relieved that the dog had taken the blame, waited a few minutes  and let a small one go, and again, the father paused, looked towards him and yelled at the dog, “JAKE !”

    After a few more minutes of the fathers non stop talking, again he let one go, the father paused, looked towards him and yelled at the dog, “JAKE !”

    “Get out from under his chair before he shits on you head”

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      Graham Hart

      Love it. Can't stop laughing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    LOL! 🙂

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    John Thompson

    Having my two dogs makes living alone much more bearable.  Great shot Graham.

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks John. There's no substitute for the unconditional love of a dog.

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    Graham I love dogs….understatement!

    She's beautiful….but more,she shows the intelligence and learning of an older dog.

    Lost my old bitch last summer……………the other is now 7 so time for a puppy.

    wish they lived longer!

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks Falxy. I'm already steeling myself for the inevitable as I have been noticing a decline in her general well-being over the past 12 months. Used to be she would get up and go outside to let one rip but now we just hear the “phhhhht” as she turns her head around to look at us as if to say…”was that me or you?”

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    I love her expression! Dogs can be so funny. On time, in a moment of male crudeness, my husband let one rip and our dog smelled his own behind as if to check to see if he had done the deed. After many years it still brings laughter tears to my eyes.

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      Graham Hart

      Thanks Leesa. Know what you mean. Same same here.

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