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    Lenny Wollitz

    We had our annual Gran Marathon here in Mazatlan, MX last weekend. About 15,000 runners. I have shot it for the last 8 years and this year concentrated on the contestants in wheelchairs, on crutches and the sightless. There were 4 or 5 blind guys, talk about determined and trusting a friend!   This is the best of the bunch and I still had to remove lots of people and other stuff in Photoshop. Not perfect technically but I'm more interested in telling the story.  F5, 48mm, 1/320, iso400

    With a Little Help From My Friend

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    Oohh, could be solid, but took me a moment to make out that strap tying them together.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    That's a very nice image Lenny.

    Wondering if it would look better if the image was framed with more space in front of the runners? Removing the third person behind (running in the opposite direction) would help to bring more emphasis to the strap 🙂

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Admin and Dahlia, thanks for your comments and I agree with both of you.  Even with removing the “extra” guy and making the strap fluorescent orange the photo doesn't have the impact that I would like.  I'm going to post another shot of a guy on crutches and I would appreciate your comments on that one.

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    I like this one Lenny.

    For me, it's what's the story that's being told. Is it the marathon/running itself, or is the two men?

    If it's the two gentlemen, I find that the blind gentleman is too far left in the image; if there is more room there I would be tempted to add some. Also, I would be tempted to crop tighter. I've also lightened the Shadows to bring more definition to their clothing and reduced the whites and highlights. Both in the ‘Basic' panel and in the ‘sliders' in the Tone Curve. Then I added a slight vignette to highlight them more, as well as dodged the gentleman's face on camera right.

    As for highlighting the ‘tether', for me it's not all that important as the blind fold tells most of the story, then combined with the unified clothing, finishes the story.

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    And here's another version that's cropped even tighter.

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    Erik Fransman

    Bucweeet,  The tighter crop does not help.
    It's worth a try to get the runner in the backgroud erased.
    It will still take some time to discouver the story but than you see it.

    here is a sloppy version. It is doable to do it better.


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    Hi Lenny….compo not bad,maybe not crop per Buccy…………..its the rendition!

    blown out highlights,lack of shadows and the colours………….if the range is to wide then try b&w.


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