This Free App Lets You Upload Images from Your Desktop to Instagram


Have you ever wanted to skip the smartphone experience Instagram offers and do it all right from the comfort of your laptop’s web browser?

Previously, you could do this with browser extensions but now Instagram users can use the app in a specialized web browser developed just for that.

Introducing Windowed, the open-source, totally free web browser for Instagram users that want to leave their smartphone in their pocket.

Sounds like an interesting concept, right? It really is, especially once you see how simple it is in execution and functionality.

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Instagram allows users to upload photos through web extensions that mimic mobile web browsers, but only mobile web browsers. Windowed imitates the functionality of a mobile web browser within a desktop environment, in other words “by pretending to be a mobile browser” Windowed allows users to visit the Instagram website, with full functionality, right from their laptop or desktop personal computer.

All of the interactions with Instagram are handled directly with that service and Windowed does not store any user information. Additionally, Windowed goes to lengths to highlight that they are not affiliated with Instagram in any way and are only a web browser.

To upload photos, users need to click on the camera icon in the icon bar. From there, the process should be quite familiar to users of the massive social media network: filter selection, hash tags, etc. need to be filled out before the picture is posted.

The service is currently 100% free of charge.

Windowed was created by a photographer and computer engineering student that found Instagram’s lack of a desktop web browser functionality frustrating. Done initially to increase his own workflow and productivity, he has now released Windowed to the wider world upon realization that other photographers share his frustrations.

Windowed can be downloaded here:

If you like Windowed and would like to continue to see development work done on the project, or you would simply like to thank Felix for his work, you can donate on his website at:

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