FTC May Enshrine Right-to-Repair Laws Per Presidential Order in the United States


The right-to-repair debate is one of the more hot-button issues of our time, especially when it comes to repairing smartphones and tablets.

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels.

But there are other consumer products that fall under this same umbrella such as cars and even cameras. Of course, it’s not hard to see why companies would want their customers to send in stuff to them for repairs yet that doesn’t seem to give the consumer many rights when they initially buy the product. After all, if the only place you can get a sophisticated piece of equipment repaired is with the company from which you bought it, do you really fully own it?

Some people think that giving consumers the right to seek out third-party repair shops or even repairing it themselves is foundational to the way the economy works, and it looks like the current administration in the White House in the United States agrees.

According to reports, US President Biden is ordering the Federal Trade Commission to draft rules that outline a consumer’s right to repair things they purchase. To say that this is a big deal for pro-consumer advocates is an understatement but we don’t have much to go on yet.

As PetaPixel highlights and as both of us reported back in 2019, one prominent example of shrinking options in the camera industry is Nikon’s decision to end authorized third-party repair centers. Perhaps now the tide is turning back in favor of consumer rights in this regard.

Where do you fall in the right-to-repair debate? Should consumers have the option to go to third-party vendors or even repair it themselves? Or is modern technology so advanced that it is best left to the experts? Let us know your thoughts on that subject in the comments below.

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