Fuji “X-T4” Announcement Coming Next Month According to Rumors


Could the X-T3 find itself displaced by a newer model to be announced next month?

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Photo by X-T3 from Fujifilm.

The Fuji rumor mill seems to indicate that, yes, this is exactly what is going to happen and the assumptively named X-T4 will not only provide consumers with an upgrade over the other model but also comes with IBIS.

That’s a big deal because, as Digital Photography School reports, the lack of in-body image stabilization is a big complaint among users of the current X-T3 which is a relatively popular camera otherwise.

Adding this to the fact that this proposed X-T4 would be the second camera, alongside the Fujifilm X-H1, to have that.

Rumors indicate that Fuji will announce the camera on February 4th and then launch it the following month.

What makes this somewhat odd is that it runs a bit ahead of schedule for Fuji’s traditional two-year upgrade cycle.

As far as potential upgrades go, nothing is certain at this point because everything remains in the realm of rumor and conjecture.

Logical expectations of a sensor upgrade, for example, have precedent and the aforementioned IBIS would be a huge deal.

One concern about that is it could add heft and bulk to what is currently a lightweight, small form factor camera.

An upgrade that is showing up on a lot of Internet commenters’ wishlists is the ability of the X-T4 to record 6K video.

When we have some idea of what the concrete specs are, we’ll be sure to update you.

What do you think?

Is Fuji prepping a new X-T3 successor for launch in March?

Let us know what you think of such prospects in the comments below.

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