Full-Frame Mirrorless Canon Debuting September 5th in Response to Nikon According to Rumors


We reported yesterday that Canon was prepping a response to Nikon’s new market entries and we didn’t have to wait long to bring you a date for that reply.

PetaPixel is reporting that a full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon is premiering on September 5 ahead of Photokina as many people have speculated.

And it’s not just one new Canon but two full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Image via Pixabay from Pexels.com.

PetaPixel is basing a lot of their speculation on increased certainty from Canon fansite Canon Rumors, one of the go-to sources on the web for information about the optics giant and its upcoming products.

Canon Rumors’ Craig Blair wrote on site: “I may have been wrong this time…While we still can’t say for sure that a full frame mirrorless camera is going to be announced on September 5, 2018, by Canon, we’re now leaning towards thinking one is coming that day. Canon has truly done a masterful job of keeping this quiet. All of the usually leaks that come before a camera announcement have not come.”

The Canon products are, of course, an expected response to Nikon’s new Z6 and Z7 models.

As we reported yesterday, some of the preliminary specs for the “two models, dual pixel autofocus, IBIS (in body image stabilization), 10fps shooting, 4K (30fps)/ 1080P (60fps), a 28MP full-frame sensor and a sub-$2k price tag…[the other] sports a 30.4MP sensor.”

These are just rumors and speculation at this moment but things definitely seem to be building towards a certain conclusion that will either occur on September 5th or sometime after. Many industry analysts are likening Canon’s level of secrecy with this product to something normally seen from Apple. For Canon’s part, they probably hope to see the kinds of margins and profits the Cupertino company routinely enjoys from its new products.

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Sounds like Canon is ready to duke it out for second best in the full frame mirrorless arena. Nikon and Canon users with a large investment in glass now will be able to switch to mirrorless without changing brands. Everyone elseshould go to Sony.

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