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33 Futuristic Looking Scenes from Cities

With a little imagination and planing a photographer can make a lot of city scenes look futuristic and get some great effects. We think this is a nice selection of what can be done. Enjoy and get out and shoot your own city!

toronto city hall[/url] by paul (dex)[/url], on Flickr
il disco si apre[/url] by euzesio (seldom here)[/url], on Flickr
Taipei at night, with dreamy sky[/url] by orange tuesday[/url], on Flickr
Futuristic London[/url] by edlondonphotograpy[/url], on Flickr
Welcome…To The Future.[/url] by rickyqi[/url], on Flickr
There's a world above[/url] by albertopveiga[/url], on Flickr
futuristic place[/url] by OiMax[/url], on Flickr
fire all weapons[/url] by ninja gecko[/url], on Flickr
Core Pacific City(京華城)[/url] by saturnism[/url], on Flickr
PB010697[/url] by Nico Paix[/url], on Flickr
Downtown Dallas at night, 06-26-10[/url] by skys the limit2[/url], on Flickr
Foggy San Francisco[/url] by MikeBehnken[/url], on Flickr
lsps080102b (party town)[/url] by mugley[/url], on Flickr
this city will squash you #3[/url] by mugley[/url], on Flickr
Longer version[/url] by Neil Armstrong2[/url], on Flickr
Kindergarden[/url] by *JRFoto*[/url], on Flickr
On the Up[/url] by James…….[/url], on Flickr
YOG – The Lasers from the Cityscape beaming across Marina Bay[/url] by williamcho[/url], on Flickr
Nimes Carré D'Art[/url] by Wolfgang Staudt[/url], on Flickr
Night Lights, Melbourne[/url] by .a_dit.[/url], on Flickr
beams[/url] by mugley[/url], on Flickr
cutting edge[/url] by paul (dex)[/url], on Flickr
The Parliament House at The Singapore River[/url] by williamcho[/url], on Flickr
road to salvation[/url] by mugley[/url], on Flickr
Tunnel View… [Explored][/url] by 85mm.ch[/url], on Flickr
Video Game my Butt[/url] by Neil Armstrong2[/url], on Flickr
The Parliament House… Old & New – Singapore[/url] by williamcho[/url], on Flickr
Singapore Chinatown looks so vibrant from above, but sad to say the pulse is really slow down below.[/url] by williamcho[/url], on Flickr
giants[/url] by paul (dex)[/url], on Flickr
Bangkok: City of Colors[/url] by MikeBehnken[/url], on Flickr
Singapore Business district night view[/url] by * etoile[/url], on Flickr
The Commute[/url] by MikeBehnken[/url], on Flickr
Ferris wheels are not dramatic[/url] by kevin dooley[/url], on Flickr
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