Get Rid of Unwanted Objects INSTANTLY with Content-Aware Fill on Adobe After Effects


Every photographer has taken an awkward picture, or several thousand.

Some of us don’t like to edit pics to make things “perfect” – whatever that is – but that’s not everyone.

adobe after effects
Image via Adobe

Others won’t hesitate to turn to Photoshop.

But, if you’re a videographer, prepare for a world of pain to remove even the simplest of things from a series of images.

Yet there is a new solution on the horizon and Adobe is updating its super-popular After Effects to include a content-aware fill feature like that found in its popular photo editing software.

It is powered by the Adobe Sensei machine-learning AI which helps to “replace the tediousness of having to edit frame by frame” according to The Verge.

How it works is that After Effects tracks the moving pixels across frames and replaces them automatically. As The Verge points out, this is going to be a real time-saver during post-production.

The feature was initially debuted at Adobe Sneaks back in 2017 but should be available for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers as of press.

Those aren’t the only changes that Adobe is bringing to its software.

The Verge also reports that the company has added “Auto-ducking for Ambience uses AI to analyze other audio clips for a seamless mix in Audition and Premiere Pro. A new Freeform Project Panel lets editors better organize and storyboard their clips in Premiere Pro, and Character Animator is getting better puppet rigging.”

You can read all about the updates and how to use them in a blog post here on Adobe’s website.

You can also head on over to YouTube to watch a video discussing the update by clicking here.

Do you use After Effects? Are you excited about this new feature (or others)? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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