Google Clips Gets Cut in Product Trim


We told you about Google Clips some time ago but it looks like that brief space between announcement and obit tells most of the tale of the tape in this case.

Image of Google Clips via Google.

Initially touted as a passive way to take pictures and short video “clips” (hence the name), Google Clips apparently never really took off and is getting booted from the company’s product lineup.

That final autopsy reveals a product that not only failed to catch on but also one that was targeted at an ill-defined consumer group as well as being a pretty expensive camera with such a vague product description.

Basically, it didn’t perform according to expectations. So, is there any kind of replacement on the horizon? The Verge reports that the immediate focus is on the Pixel 4 and 4 XL and did not respond to the website’s request for a comment on the story.

Costing $USD 249, the footage and pics that the Google Clips captured were, more or less, not worth the price of admission and many reviewers noted that you could recreate a lot of what Clips does with a remote control shutter release. It seems like one of the big sticking points a lot of people pointed out is that the Clips device promised AI photography but still required a lot of human hand holding to work.

Will Google replace the clips with something else? Well, if Snap’s Spectacles are anything to go by then maybe we will see some kind of sequel to this product idea. Naturally, we’ll bring you word as soon as we have it. Until then, what do you think? Do you own a Google Clips device? Let us know what you think in the comments below about the product – and its cancellation.

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