Google Photos Cleans Up Its Interface in Latest Update


There are more than a few options out there for managing your photo library, and Google Photos happens to be one of the more popular ones.

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Photo by Daniel Romero

And Google just released a slew of updates aimed at streamlining the experience and putting the app on the cutting-edge.

First up, the library will be easier to search than ever before with a quick-click list feature that sorts media by type (albums, favorites, and so on). There’s also a new import feature to help you add photos not currently in your Google Photos library and organize them accordingly.

“Below the album grid we’re also adding a new “import photos” section alongside Locked Folder, utilities, archive and trash to help you easily copy photos from other services, digitize photos (or videos and film) or move photos from a camera. With all your photos and videos together in Google Photos, you can find and sort with ease, relive them in new ways with Memories, share them with family and friends, give them new life by editing them, turn them into photo books and much more,” the blog post detailing the Google Photo’s update reads in part.

Along these same lines, Google Photos is also going to make sharing media simpler than before. Just as it gives you a range of new options as to how you organize your files, it will also duplicate that granularity when it comes to sharing your photos, sorting them by shareability category and the like.

Google Photos will also silo screenshots into their own realm entirely and make them searchable via Google Lens which will use contextual clues to determine the information shown in the picture.

Do you use Google Photos? What are some of your favorite features? Let us know your thoughts on Google Photos in the comments below.

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