Google Unveils Three Cool New Photo Apps


Google always shows photographers some love and these latest photo apps are going a long way towards continuing that tradition.

The new apps are simple and easy to use. They have been engineered from the ground up to enhance selfies and video.

Selfissimo, Storyboard and Scrubbies were revealed on Google’s very own research blog which described the thinking behind the apps at length.

Per the blog post on Google, “Today, we're launching the first installment of a series of photography appsperiments: usable and useful mobile photography experiences built on experimental technology. Our “appsperimental” approach was inspired in part by Motion Stills, an app developed by researchers at Google that converts short videos into cinemagraphs and time lapses using experimental stabilization and rendering technologies. Our appsperiments replicate this approach by building on other technologies in development at Google. They rely on object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithms, efficient image encoding and decoding technologies, and perhaps most importantly, fun!”

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Storyboard allows the user to create in-app video comic book storyboards. Simply input the video you want and watch your unique story unfold. Currently this app is available for Android devices.

Selfissimo acts as your very own selfie fashion photographer. The app tracks the user’s movements and snaps pictures as the user poses. The app stops when the movement stops and starts up again at the tap of the screen. This killer app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Scrubbies, oddly available only on iOS currently, gives you powerful tools for creating a video loop. The concept behind the name and implementation is similar to a DJ’s working the turntable.

One theme you will notice running throughout the apps is empowering the user to have fun photography and that’s something we all can support.

You can download the apps starting today and begin uploading your new creations immediately. The Storyboard app sounds incredibly innovative and powerful while the Selfissimo app is the definition of a no-brainer success.

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